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Management Team MGRE
2000 Sep Team MGRE

Unlike most firms managing major co-op and condo properties in the metropolitan area, Mark Greenberg Real Estate (MGRE) is not located in Manhattan or another city borough, but is situated in the quaint Long Island town of Port Washington, …

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Management Gumley-Haft
2000 May Gumley-Haft

Daniel J. Wollman, chief executive officer and managing director of Gumley-Haft Real Estate, is not the executive one would expect to see as head of one of Manhattan’s premier residential real estate management firms. Casually dressed and s…

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Management Leaders in Management
2000 Apr Leaders in Management

In many co-ops and condos it is the managing agent's responsibility to work with the board, superintendent and maintenance staff, vendors and other building professionals to create a safe and satisfying living environment for shareholders. …

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Management Cover Story: On The Hiring Line
1999 Nov Cover Story: On The Hiring Line

With the recent indictments strewn about New York’s real estate industry, co-op and condo boards have become more and more choosy about the professionals they select to protect themselves and their homes. Knowing the angst involved in makin…

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Management Evaluating Management Performance
1999 Feb Evaluating Management Performance

Professional residential management is a service industry, and some service providers perform better than others. To evaluate how your property's management measures up, it's necessary to assess both how the company functions as a whole …

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Management Building Maintenance and Repair
1998 Feb Building Maintenance and Repair

The increase in the number of co-ops and condos in New York City has changed the way many New Yorkers live. Renters who have purchased a co-op apartment have become owners of stock while condo owners posses a block and lot. The traditional …

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Management Switching Management Firms
1998 Feb Switching Management Firms

Even the best working relationships between co-op and condo boards and their management com- panies can eventually come to an end, forcing a switch from one company to another. The transition can be lengthy and complex in the best of circ…

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Management Effective Board Meetings
1998 Feb Effective Board Meetings

Like any body of individuals charged with overseeing the operation of a corporation, it is necessary for co-op and condo board members to meet on a regular basis. But just coming together at a set time and place does not guarantee an effe…

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Management The Self-Management Option
1997 May The Self-Management Option

The co-op and condo universe can be divided into two types of properties: The vast majority that engage a professional management firm and those that choose to go it alone. All properties need the services that good full-service managemen…

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Management Your New Management Company
1997 Feb Your New Management Company

Any major change takes some getting used to and hiring a new management company for your co-op or condo is no exception. Even though you're anxious to ring out the old, you can't help but be a little apprehensive about whether the new com…

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