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Management When a Project Goes Wrong
2008 May When a Project Goes Wrong

Living in a community sometimes requires a bit of flexibility, and that’s especially true when a large construction project is happening. Usually, whether it’s a facade restoration, lobby redesign, or a heating/ventilation upgrade, most …

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Management Challenges and Rewards
2008 April Challenges and Rewards

With new and luxurious condos going up all the time across the city, management companies are champing at the bit to become the first managing agent for these often high-profile, upscale properties. If it’s a choice between managing a ne…

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Management Ways to Achieve Resident Retention
2008 Feb Ways to Achieve Resident Retention

Providing creative ways to show your residents that you appreciate their loyalty will prove to be a wise investment that will help increase resident retention and pay dividends in both public and owner relations. There are m…

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Management Traits of Effective Property Managers
2007 Oct Traits of Effective Property Managers

It's easy enough to find a property manager —just flip open the Yellow Pages and you'll see dozens. That doesn't mean it's easy to choose one, however. Your managing agent is a fundamental member of your association's operating team, and…

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Management Renter vs. Shareholder Mentality
2007 Jul Renter vs. Shareholder Mentality

When a long-time renter purchases a co-op or a condo apartment, the move is perceived as a step up. No longer are you just shelling out rent every month—you're building equity, investing in your own security. Regardless of whether your n…

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Management When Disaster Strikes
2007 Jun When Disaster Strikes

When a townhouse exploded on Manhattan's Upper East Side last summer, New Yorkers ran terror-stricken into the streets. As smoke billowed from the wreckage, no one knew what had caused the explosion, or how many people had been hurt. Jus…

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Management Education is Key
2007 Jan Education is Key

One of the major initiatives which will soon benefit New York City’s co-op and condominium landscape is the ongoing effort to certify the resident managers and superintendents that live and work in city housing. It’s time to dust off A…

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Management Managing to Manage
2007 Jan Managing to Manage

Even the best-run buildings have their bad days, and minor (sometimes not-so-minor) emergencies.  In times like these, it’s vital to have a capable, experienced manager at the helm who can handle problems efficiently and minimize their d…

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Management A License to Build
2007 Jan A License to Build

One of the most important things that a co-op or condo must take into consideration when hiring a contractor for a maintenance or construction project is whether the service providers the building are bringing in to do the work are prope…

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Management I Can Manage
2007 Jan I Can Manage

Co-op and condo buildings don’t run themselves. Their owners and shareholders rely on board members to make important decisions about the buildings they live in, and board members count on their management companies to provide them with …

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