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Management Part of the Whole
2003 Nov Part of the Whole

They're inside your favorite restaurant and out in the streets. They stand inside doorways and behind desks. They're up in the sky and far below ground level. They're everywhere. From the classic diner waitress apron to the busboy's jacket…

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Management What's In a Name?
2003 Feb What's In a Name?

Lots of co-op and condo buildings in the city play host to one or more permanent guests on their ground floors; sometimes it's a mom-and-pop hardware store, or maybe a row of sleek, upscale boutique clothing stores. Humble or haute, commer…

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Management Come Together
2002 Nov Come Together

For most co-op and condo owners, the question of whether or not their building's doorman or concierge or security guard is unionized is a non-issue - one that only comes up when lengthy contract negotiations loom on the horizon. The subtle…

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Management A Born Leader
2002 May A Born Leader

They have to worry about everything from keeping track of financial reports to whether the masonry will survive another winter. They collect maintenance, track repairs, and soothe ruffled shareholder feathers. If they don't know how to …

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Management Leaders in Management
2001 May Leaders in Management

On February 8, 2001, The Cooperator presented its annual Leadership in Management Award to three managing agents who went "above and beyond the call of duty" in seeing to the needs of their buildings and residents over the last year. Th…

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Management Impact Real Estate Management
2001 Apr Impact Real Estate Management

Going solo, doing it your own way, the right way. That’s what the three principals of Impact Real Estate Management decided to do. When the three met five years ago, they all had the same idea. They agreed many in the management business we…

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Management The Board/Manager Team
2001 Feb The Board/Manager Team

Much has been written recently about the management industry indictments, the role of the managing agent and how to monitor management. Little has been said, however, about what it takes to make a board/manager relationship work. The mana…

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Management Keep an Eye Out
2000 Nov Keep an Eye Out

It’s happened twice recently. In the summer of 1994, 72 New York property managers were convicted of taking kickbacks from contractors and extorting payoffs. This resulted in a $4 million restitution fund. Then, just last summer, 21 corpora…

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Management True Stories of Fraud
2000 Nov True Stories of Fraud

You are about to read tales of greed and corruption, costly incompetence and outright thievery. There is even a little sex and gambling thrown into the mix. Stories from television soap operas? No, these are the days of our lives in the New…

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Management Hit the Ground Running
2000 Oct Hit the Ground Running

Not entirely satisfied with the performance of your management company? Chances are your board hasn’t sought a new agent because they were frightened of the transition. Such is the case with many of the buildings that have interviewed Ronni…

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