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The Cooperator's Co-op & Condo Expo

 The Cooperator magazine and Yale Robbins, Inc. are pleased to invite all  property managers, board members, shareholders and unit owners to the 23rd  annual Co-op & Condo Expo, a one-day trade show event on Tuesday, April 27, 2010 from 9 a.m.  to 5 p.m. The 2010 Expo will again occupy three floors of the Hilton New York  at 1335 Avenue of the Americas at 53rd Street with booths, seminars, and  demonstrations all day long.  

 Since its launch more than two decades ago, the Expo has distinguished itself as  a unique event that addresses the diverse, evolving needs of the co-op and  condo community. This year, there will be nearly 300 exhibitors offering  assistance and expert advice in the areas of building management, maintenance,  insurance, security, energy and countless other services. Attendees will also  be able to choose from among an exciting roster of seminars covering an array  of topics of great interest to the co-op and condo community.  

 As the years have gone by, the Expo has grown, attracting larger and larger  numbers of attendees. The 2009 Expo brought board members and residents from  nearly 1,000 area buildings, and managing agents from over 3,000. And that's to  say nothing of the numbers of other real estate professionals and service  providers who make the Expo an annual pilgrimage.  

 Interacting with Professionals

 One of the biggest draws of The Cooperator’sCo-op & Condo Expo is that it's really more than just a trade show. The event offers  educational opportunities as well as a chance for various members of the  residential real estate community to interact and network with co-op and condo  board members, residents, vendors and service providers from across many  diverse industries and disciplines.  

 The 2010 Expo will feature a wide array of information and educational  opportunities for participants, including hundreds of booths and several free  seminars sponsored by established industry professionals and covering the kinds  of topics that boards, managers, and building residents are most eager to  discuss. These seminars are perhaps one of the day’s most popular features, and routinely attract standing-room-only audiences.  (It's definitely a good idea to arrive and claim a seat a few minutes before  your chosen seminar is scheduled to start!)  

 This year’s seminar sponsors include perennial favorites Stark & Stark, who will discuss common legal issues facing board/management teams, as  well as representatives from the worlds of finance, energy conservation,  property management, and security. Expo seminar speakers make a point to simplify and illuminate often-complex  issues in such a way that even a novice board member can benefit from their  presentation. Each seminar at this year’s Expo will run around an hour in length, giving you enough time between talks  to check out the booths on the exhibit floor and enjoy the show’s other attractions.  

 More to Come!

 There will be plenty of other exciting activities to partake in at the Co-op & Condo Expo, including multiple raffle drawings sponsored by exhibitors  throughout the day. Past giveaways have included theater tickets, spa packages,  golf equipment, and flat-screen TVs.  

 This year will mark the introduction of a new Reserve Fund prize giveaway,  courtesy of The Cooperatorand Yale Robbins, Inc.. One attendee will win a $3,500 contribution to their  building's reserve fund. The winner will be drawn at random after registration  has closed, and a check for the winnings will be made payable to the winner’s building, care of their management company. Only board members qualify to  enter the reserve fund drawing, and attendance at the Expo is required for  eligibility. For complete details on how to enter the reserve fund drawing, go online at  

 Not all freebies are tangible, of course. If you have questions about how your  board should hold meetings, or about your association’s finances, policies, or day-to-day management, you can stop by one of the Expo’s free advice booths for answers. The booths are staffed throughout the day by  legal, management, building and financial professionals ready to answer your  questions, off the clock and on the house. For guests needing nourishment or  access to e-mail, be sure to drop by the conveniently-located food court and  cyber-cafe.  

 How to Get Involved

 If you’re interested in joining over 4,000 metro area visitors to the Expo for a day of  information, education, and networking, you can pre-register right now by  calling our registration line at 212-330-0433. Admission is free, but  pre-registration will get you into the Expo quicker on the day of the show.  

 The 2010 Co-op & Condo Expo is quite simply the biggest, most in-depth event of its kind in the  region. If you’re a board member, a property manager, or just a building resident interested in  getting involved and improving how your building community is run, stop by the  show and take advantage of all it has to offer!  

 For more information on who is exhibiting at the show or to register for this  one-of-a-kind event online, please visit our website at

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