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Management The Professional Property Manager
1996 Nov The Professional Property Manager

The initials following a person's name often reveal a certain level of educational or professional achieve- ment. Designations like M.D., D.D.S., J.D., C.P.A. and C.L.U. indicate the successful fulfillment of certain standardized requi…

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Management Holders of Unsold Shares
1996 Jun Holders of Unsold Shares

This truth may not be self-evident, but in a co-op all shareholders are not created equal. Virtually every Offering Plan provides for a special class of shareholderscalled Holders of Unsold Shareswho are routinely granted privileges not e…

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Management Leadership in Management Awards
1996 Jun Leadership in Management Awards

roperty management is a challenging field that appeals to quick- thinking, high energy individuals. Besides excellent number crunching skills, a good property manager must also demonstrate a keen knowledge of crisis intervention, not to m…

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Management Garbage Removal Systems
1996 Apr Garbage Removal Systems

emember when all your garbage was discarded into the refuse container, never to be seen again? The age of environmental awareness has not only forced the development of new ways to recycle refuse, but also new ways to dispose of it. Adapt…

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Management Renewed Confidence in the Real Estate Market
1996 Mar Renewed Confidence in the Real Estate Market

At the Real Estate Board of New York's first residential convention last month, there was a sense of elation in the air. Not only was REBNY celebrating its 100th anniversary and the success of its new trade show, but there was a new sense…

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Management Maintenance Should Not Be Neglected
1996 Feb Maintenance Should Not Be Neglected

It's Friday night and you've just arrived home from a long week at work. Picking up your mail, you head upstairs in anticipation of a cold drink and a hot bath. But when you enter the bathroom, you find a quarter inch of water covering the …

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Management Making the Match
1995 Nov Making the Match

One of the most difficult decisions boards of co-ops and condos have to make is who should manage their buildings. While boards are obviously looking for management that has both the qualifications and experience to handle a building such…

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Management Considering Self-Management?
1995 Oct Considering Self-Management?

A co-op or condo that embarks upon the road to self-management is committed to undertaking the supervision and administration of the building without the assistance of an outside full-service property management firm. There are, however, va…

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Management Start Greening Your Building
1995 Sep Start Greening Your Building

While there has been a lot of talk in the industry recently about energy conservation, it would seem that most board members and residents are not sure where to begin or how they should proceed. The Cooperator has uncovered several new pr…

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Management How Safe is Your Water?
1995 Jul/Aug How Safe is Your Water?

It comes roaring down from the Catskill Mountains, from the pristine hills of Delaware County and from the open spaces of Westchester. As it barrels its way through enormous tunnels over 100 miles long, into a maze of pipelines a century …

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