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Management Making the Match
1995 Nov Making the Match

One of the most difficult decisions boards of co-ops and condos have to make is who should manage their buildings. While boards are obviously looking for management that has both the qualifications and experience to handle a building such…

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Management Considering Self-Management?
1995 Oct Considering Self-Management?

A co-op or condo that embarks upon the road to self-management is committed to undertaking the supervision and administration of the building without the assistance of an outside full-service property management firm. There are, however, va…

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Management Start Greening Your Building
1995 Sep Start Greening Your Building

While there has been a lot of talk in the industry recently about energy conservation, it would seem that most board members and residents are not sure where to begin or how they should proceed. The Cooperator has uncovered several new pr…

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Management How Safe is Your Water?
1995 Jul/Aug How Safe is Your Water?

It comes roaring down from the Catskill Mountains, from the pristine hills of Delaware County and from the open spaces of Westchester. As it barrels its way through enormous tunnels over 100 miles long, into a maze of pipelines a century …

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Management The Roof Over Your Head
1995 Jun The Roof Over Your Head

One of life's most basic necessities is to have a roof over one's head. In an apartment building,while the roof may be a dozen stories above your home, it is still one of the most fundamental parts of the building. If the roof is not proper…

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Management Local Law 10 Update
1995 Apr Local Law 10 Update

Local Law 10 of 1980 was enacted shortly after a piece of terra cotta masonry fell from the facade of an Upper West Side building and killed a passing college student. The New York City Council, in an effort to minimize the chances of …

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Management Indoor Air Quality
1995 Apr Indoor Air Quality

It is well established that individuals in New York City spend 80 to 90 percent of their time indoors, either at the work place or at home. It has also been established that the indoor air quality may be as poor as the outdoor air. The he…

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Management New Security Products Protect Residents
1995 Mar New Security Products Protect Residents

Now board members and management have another reason to sit up and take notice when issues of tenant security are raised. It can be summed up in one word: Liability. In a growing number of jurisdictions, property owners are being held lia…

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Management Diversification
1995 Feb Diversification

Co-op, condo and HOA (Home Owners Associa-tion) managing agents share common goals with the boards they serve: To improve both the quality of life and the bottom line of the properties they manage. To help achieve these goals, many manag…

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Management The Annual Meeting
1995 Dec/Jan The Annual Meeting

If winter's here, can spring be far behind? This old adage is particularly meaningful in relation to the annual ritual which takes place among cooperative housing corporations each spring: The Annual Shareholders Meeting. Even though the gr…

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