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Management Relations What Makes a Good Property Manager?
2008 Jan What Makes a Good Property Manager?

A good property manager is like a hip dad. He or she may not say things like, "Hey pal, whatcha say we go toss around the ol' pigskin?" but like a hip dad, a property manager needs to have a certain set of specific traits and other, harder-…

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Management Relations When to Call Your Managing Agent...
2008 Jan When to Call Your Managing Agent...

Whenever a problem arises, board members often have a knee-jerk reaction to call their managing agent immediately. In many cases, this is appropriate. But although it might be part of their job to communicate with the board, managing age…

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Management Relations The World on their Shoulders
2008 Jan The World on their Shoulders

If your planner or BlackBerry is full of to-do lists and scheduling conflicts, if you're often running up against deadlines and your cell phone rings constantly, you've got a lot in common with a New York property manager. Property …

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Management Relations Come to Order!
2006 Jan Come to Order!

If you’ve ever attended a meeting and witnessed the group president call it into order, heard the secretary review the minutes of the previous meeting, heard motions, seconds and then voted, you have participated in parliamentary procedu…

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Management Relations Noise, Graffiti and a Greener Environment
2006 Jan Noise, Graffiti and a Greener Environment

In its last meeting of 2005, the New York City Council enacted legislation to make the city a quieter, cleaner and more environmentally-friendly place to live. Perhaps one of the major initiatives sought by the mayor’s office was revis…

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Management Relations While You Were Out
2006 Jan While You Were Out

Mel Garskof is thrilled about the lobby makeover that will happen in the coming year at the Kips Bay area cooperative building where he lives. The public halls will be renovated, including new wallpaper and carpet, doors will be repain…

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Management Relations Strategies of Success
2006 Jan Strategies of Success

Property managers have a lot on their minds. There are board meetings to attend, legal issues to wade through, phone calls to return, emails to answer and a constant parade of maintenance issues to contend with at any given time. The j…

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Management Relations Board/Building Harmony
2005 Oct Board/Building Harmony

As an attorney who represents co-op boards, building managers and shareholders, one sometimes wonders if the expression—“ You can’t please all the people all of the time” best applies to the idea of creating harmony between these partie…

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Management Relations The Long and Short of It
2005 Jan The Long and Short of It

Every co-op or condo community in New York City has its own personality and character, from the tiny 20-unit brownstone co-ops of the West Village to the towering modern high-rises of the Upper East Side. The wide range of sizes, demograph…

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