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Management Relations Stand in Judgment
2003 Nov Stand in Judgment

Every home is an investment, but for co-op shareholders - and, to some extent, condominium unit owners - their home is also part of a business. As with any business, good management can make or break it and in a co-op or condominium, a big…

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Management Relations Playing Nice
2003 Feb Playing Nice

Some relationships seem destined for rocky paths. Brothers and sisters. Mothers-in-law and daughters-in-law. Sponsors and boards. Although certainly not all board and sponsor relationships travel the bumpy road, many do. Understanding the …

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Management Relations The Co-op Manager Shortage
2003 Feb The Co-op Manager Shortage

The horror stories abound: Ivy Leaguers flipping fries. Dot-com darlings begging for work. A six percent unemployment rate. It's no secret that the New York job market is in the intensive care unit right now. So then how is it possible that…

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Management Relations From the Co-op to the Classroom
2003 Feb From the Co-op to the Classroom

With today's ever-changing building codes, laws and technology, a managing agent's job is becoming more complex than it was several decades ago. Today's agent has a multitude of responsibilities, including supervision of all aspects of the…

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Management Relations Keeping an Eye Out
2003 Feb Keeping an Eye Out

New Yorkers have always been vigilant in keeping themselves and their apartments as secure as possible. The doorman, security guard, building superintendent or concierge is traditionally the first line of defense in controlling the cadre o…

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Management Relations Can You Manage?
2002 Nov Can You Manage?

When the term "service provider" is used in reference to real estate, usually people take it to mean laundry facility or storage-locker companies, or maybe the firm that runs your building's in-house fitness center. The term isn't often a…

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Management Relations Don't Be a Pest
2002 Feb Don't Be a Pest

Few things are more important for a building than having a competent managing agent willing to work closely with board members to make their home a safe, harmonious place to live. A big part of any good managing agent’s job is to be "on cal…

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Management Relations Keeping it Copacetic
2002 Feb Keeping it Copacetic

All relationships–even the healthiest ones–need constant care and maintenance. Whether it’s person-to-person or business-to-client, relationships must be cultivated in order to thrive–a fact that holds doubly true for the crucial connection…

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Management Relations New Year, New Deal
2002 Feb New Year, New Deal

We all know how it goes. All year long, you let things slide a little here and there–an extra handful of chips here, putting off changing your oil there–until by the time the New Year rolls around, you’re battling ten extra pounds and your …

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Management Relations Working with Professionals
2001 Nov Working with Professionals

Most co-op and condo dwellers are well aware of the responsibilities held and services provided by their building’s top-tier contractors–otherwise known as the managing agent, the accountant and the attorney. Working as a team, this group o…

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