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Management Relations Do-It-Yourself Management
2001 Feb Do-It-Yourself Management

To self manage or not to self manage? It’s akin, in some respects, to the half-century old question of manual versus automatic transmission. Sure, the automatic is easier to drive, but the manual provides more control. And sometimes a co-op…

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Management Relations What's the Agenda?
2001 Feb What's the Agenda?

Board meetings provide the time and space for co-op and condo leaders to establish and direct building operations. "Every board has its own distinct group personality," observes Howard Schechter, a partner in the Manhattan law firm of Schec…

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Management Relations The Board/Manager Team
2001 Feb The Board/Manager Team

Much has been written recently about the management industry indictments, the role of the managing agent and how to monitor management. Little has been said, however, about what it takes to make a board/manager relationship work. The managi…

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Management Relations Large vs. Small
2000 Feb Large vs. Small

Peculiar as it may sound, the union of a building and management company can be likened to a marriage: the mate that suits you best might be incompatible with your friend. Likewise, a management company that works well for one building migh…

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Management Relations Preserving Institutional Memory
1996 Feb Preserving Institutional Memory

One of the most common problems in co-op and condo management is the failure of building boards and staff to maintain accurate and accessible records of the past performance and activities within the building. Recording the minutes of board…

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