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Management Relations Avoiding Management Mistakes
2005 Jan Avoiding Management Mistakes

Mistakes happen - they're part of everybody's learning curve. There are plenty of opportunities to make mistakes in the course of running a residential building; in nearly three decades in the building operations field, I've both made and …

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Management Relations Disseminating Information
2005 Jan Disseminating Information

There's a lot of paperwork that's involved in running a co-op or condo building - everything from financial records to legal documents, shareholder correspondence and management statements from board meetings - and it's important that the …

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Management Relations The Debate Goes On
2005 Jan The Debate Goes On

Six years ago, a scandal rocked the New York State real estate management industry for the second time in a decade. Thirty management company owners, agents and contractors were indicted for taking kickbacks for contract work at many New Y…

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Management Relations Listen to This!
2005 Jan Listen to This!

Just as the world is populated with both good and bad people, New York City is populated by some excellently run and well-organized co-op and condo boards, and some not so efficient. Making unpopular decisions doesn't necessarily mean a bo…

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Management Relations Time for a Change?
2004 Jan Time for a Change?

Since management companies foster a competitive environment, co-op and condominium buildings expect a high level of service from their managing agent. However, when agents aren't showing the care and attention buildings deserve, or some …

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Management Relations The Two-Way Street
2004 Jan The Two-Way Street

The old adage that knowledge is power holds doubly true when it comes to assuring ethical conduct and adherence to bylaws by a governing board, regardless of the size of a community size or the severity of a given crisis. But the la…

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Management Relations Chief Trailblazers
2004 Jan Chief Trailblazers

While other industries have been more difficult to penetrate, many areas of the fast-paced world of real estate have long been the professional domain of women. The past two decades have witnessed an influx of women as innovators in the…

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Management Relations Hands On or Off?
2003 Nov Hands On or Off?

It pays to have a competent, active board at the helm of a building community - a strong, stable board translates to better value for shareholders. But just how hands-on should a board be? Sometimes the daily management of a co-op or condo…

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Management Relations Coming Clean
2003 Nov Coming Clean

Two condos are the same price, in the same neighborhood, and are equally pleasing to the eye. What makes someone buy one and not the other? Amenities. One of the most important amenities for many homebuyers is an on-site laundry room. No o…

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Management Relations The Dream Team
2003 Nov The Dream Team

Oftentimes, co-op shareholders forget that their building is not only a home, but also a business. And while running a home is a big responsibility in itself, with financial, legal, and managerial elements, running a cooperative corporatio…

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