How Has the Manager's Role Changed Over Time? New Decades, New Job Descriptions

How Has the Manager's Role Changed Over Time?
Some things in the property management game never change; the need for top-notch communication skills, good people management, and a commitment to the job itself will always be foremost in a manager's toolkit. But as times change, so does the industry, and what client communities ask and expect of their management professionals. Here, pros in the field give their takes on how their business has evolved over the decades. 

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  • I live in a terribly run Condo in Florida. The Board believes is is the job of the Property Managemant to do everything. The Manager (A huge company often represented here) takes no responsibility. The Board menmber do not want to be bothered with doing more than the absolute minimum. What is my option as an owner. They are running the bulding systems into the ground.