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Management Relations Secrets of Successful Managers
2014 January Secrets of Successful Managers

As jugglers of multiple and oftentimes complex tasks, property managers must be adept at mediating between board members and unit owners, as well as resolving all manner of maintenance and legal issues. To this end, property managers don’t…

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Management Relations Managing Amenities
2014 January Managing Amenities

Whether a building is a luxury high rise with an in-house movie theater, rooftop pool, and climate-controlled wine cellar or a much more modest low-rise or townhome community with a simple community room or gazebo, managing common amenitie…

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Management Relations Changing Managers or Firms?
2014 January Changing Managers or Firms?

Whether change is good or bad often depends on who you talk to; even a welcome change produces a certain level of stress and adjustment. Personal changes are challenging enough, but for co-op and condo residents, a board decision to change…

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Management Relations A Matter of Style
2012 January A Matter of Style

 Every co-op, condo and HOA community is different—each has its own distinctive character, attitude, and expectations. The same is  obviously true for the individual people who manage these communities and help  them run their day-to-day b…

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Management Relations Friend Us on Facebook
2012 January Friend Us on Facebook

 With smart-phones dominating the cellular market, people now have Internet  access anywhere and everywhere they go. While shopping and “googling” are leading reasons to use the Internet, the rise of social media has changed  the way in wh…

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Management Relations A Day in the Life of a Manager
2012 January A Day in the Life of a Manager

 A friend of a property manager of a New York co-op recently remarked that “Superman has finally met his match” when a task came in that seemed to have the effect of kryptonite and slowed him  down—for a moment at least.    With man…

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Management Relations Revenue or Reduction
2012 January Revenue or Reduction

 Budgeting is never easy, not for a family of four and certainly not for a co-op  or condo community of hundreds or thousands of residents. That fact is made all  the more difficult by the lingering effects of the recession, which continue…

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Management Relations Come One, Come All
2012 January Come One, Come All

 The holidays are behind us, and the long haul toward spring is underway. Along  with the usual springtime showers and flowers, of course, comes The Cooperator’s annual Co-op & Condo Expo. The Expo is quietly taking shape as this spring’s …

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Management Relations Handling Sub-Par Maintenance
2009 Jan Handling Sub-Par Maintenance

In most buildings—even otherwise well-run, well-managed ones—building staff and administration can sometimes get a little bit lax in their day-to-day maintenance duties. Equipment doesn’t get serviced. Paint peels. Dust and dirt accumula…

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Management Relations The Least Popular Decision
2009 Jan The Least Popular Decision

The boards of some co-op and condo buildings pride themselves on not raising their monthly maintenance fees for years at a time. At first glance, this might seem like a good thing—after all, low fees are appreciated by residents and can…

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