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Management Relations Residents and Mental Health
Residents and Mental Health

When a resident is, or appears to be struggling with mental health issues, knowing what to do or how to help can be a tough call. In this clip, two industry pros talk about boards' obligations - and limitations - when it comes to navigating…

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Management Relations Time to Call It Quits?
Time to Call It Quits?

In a New York TImes “Ask Real Estate” letter from last December, a co-op shareholder lamented the sorry state of her 10-unit building: the board president was abdicating his position with no willing successor, and the managing agent w…

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Management Relations Managing Smaller Buildings
Managing Smaller Buildings

While it may seem like a smaller building or community might be a cakewalk to manage compared to say, a 1,000 unit building or HOA with amenities, landscaping, and other aspects demanding attention, the fact is that dealing with tiny commun…

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Management Relations Switching Management Companies
Switching Management Companies

Changing management companies can be a very good thing - but it can be needlessly complicated if the incoming firm doesn't have all the information, documents, and records it needs in order to hit the ground running. Making sure the outgoin…

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Management Relations Changing Management Companies
Changing Management Companies

Changing management companies can be a complex process -- but it doesn't have to be an ordeal. By making sure that your community's important documents and information are transferred from the outgoing firm to the incoming one in a timely, …

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Management Relations Finding the Right Match
Finding the Right Match

As in any healthy marriage, an association board and its manager must be compatible or else the relationship will oftentimes end in a messy divorce, experts at a Community Associations Institute (CAI) Big Apple panel told an audience of …

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Management Relations Knowing When to Call Your Manager
2014 January Knowing When to Call Your Manager

Olivia Pope, the main character on ABC’s Scandal,is a professional fixer. If you have a problem—any problem—she can fix it. Over the past two seasons plus, she’s rigged elections, covered up murders, employed professional hit men, exposed …

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