2016 April
Focus on... Landscaping & Curb Appeal / Expo Issue

Landscaping Market Review and Forecast
2016 April Market Review and Forecast

In short, the past year was a good one in the real estate market as far as condos and co-ops were concerned. Both buyers and sellers were confident, brokers were enthusiastic, and properties moved quickly. All in all, things seemed to be on…

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Landscaping Is Hardscaping Right for Your Community?
2016 April Is Hardscaping Right for Your Community?

When most people think of landscaping, they think of shrubs, trees, meticulously laid-out and maintained flowerbeds, and artful plantings scattered around a building or development. However, landscaping doesn’t need to end with the things t…

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Landscaping Flowers Forever
2016 April Flowers Forever

The New York City Department of Parks and Recreation proudly, and quite rightly, boasts about the many film scenes that have been set in the numerous parks and green spaces in the five boroughs. From Washington Square Park in When Harry Met…

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Landscaping Alteration Issues
2016 April Alteration Issues

There are plenty of reasons why a co-op shareholder or condo owner might want to make changes to their unit. Maybe it’s a new owner who wants to do major renovations to make the unit a better fit; perhaps it’s a long-time resident who buys …

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Finance Alternative Funding
2016 April Alternative Funding

In this challenging economy, many co-op and condo buildings are struggling to pay their bills while planning for future needs. Still, most building boards are loathe to raise maintenance fees or levy special assessments on their residents u…

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Real Estate Trends New Residential Development
2016 April New Residential Development

The current political landscape may resemble a jungle (or the dark side of the moon), but one thing’s for sure: the unrest and uncertainty on that front hasn’t slowed the brisk pace—or sky-high price tags—of New York City residential develo…

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Management Preparing for the Summertime Exodus
2016 April Preparing for the Summertime Exodus

If it's like a ghost town in your building and summer hasn’t hit yet—where is everybody?  Maybe they’re on a winter hiatus and are inhabiting their second home in Florida—and that possibly means a season-long absence from their co-op or co…

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Law & Legislation New Building, New Problems
2016 April New Building, New Problems

There's a certain allure to being the very first owner of a condo in a brand new building. To be able to wake up every day in a space that's totally your own, free from the dents, dings, and spackel of previous owners' experiences in the pl…

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Maintenance Working on Landmarked Buildings
2016 April Working on Landmarked Buildings

Historic landmarks offer striking examples of New York City’s rich architectural heritage and the vintage architecture is one of the New York’s greatest charms. But not all landmarked buildings are commercial or public structures—many house…

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Management Fraudulent Service Animals
2016 April Fraudulent Service Animals

There are few people as passionate as pet owners, and for evidence look no further than condo and co-op communities. The many health and aesthetic concerns that go with pets compel many boards to favor a ban on pets altogether. However, if …

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Law & Legislation Cracking Down on Airbnb
2016 April Cracking Down on Airbnb

In January, Airbnb listed New York City as the third-most travelled to city for business trips on its new “Airbnb for Business” platform. The announcement comes a month after the company released data showing that nearly 60 percent of Airbn…

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Management High-Tech Apps for Boards and Managers
2016 April High-Tech Apps for Boards and Managers

Most of us wouldn't know what to do with ourselves if we didn't have a smartphone or tablet to help us communicate, navigate, and otherwise organize our lives. Property managers throughout the country—whether they handle urban high-rises, s…

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Management Running the Show at Board Meetings
2016 April Running the Show at Board Meetings

When it comes to the subject of meetings—specifically monthly board meetings or annual unit owner meetings in condos, co-ops, and HOAs—there seem to be no neutral opinions. A few folks actually like these exchanges, but most dread them.  S…

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Maintenance Location, Location, Location
2016 April Location, Location, Location

Though the real estate crisis didn't rattle New York City to nearly the degree that it did other markets around the country, construction still stalled on many new developments during the recent recession. It’s not only location or the newe…

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Maintenance The Drone Debate
2016 April The Drone Debate

Drones. Everyone has heard of them. No one is sure what to make of them. Are they destined to be the scourge of the skies? Or are they simply a brilliant convenience that will allow regular folks to complete everyday tasks from the comfort …

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Organizations CAI Big Apple Chapter Comes to Fruition
2016 April CAI Big Apple Chapter Comes to Fruition

Concerted efforts by a group of industry professionals are about the bear fruit, as a Big Apple Chapter nears certification by the international Community Associations Institute (CAI). The new chapter—representing condominiums, cooperatives…

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Neighborhoods Midtown West
2016 April Midtown West

This neighborhood has been known as various names throughout its storied history from Clinton and Hell’s Kitchen to Midtown West. It was once a rough-and-tumble area and soon it will be transformed into a mecca of residential and commercial…

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