2016 April
Focus on... Landscaping & Curb Appeal / Expo Issue

Maintenance Tool Box Must Haves  for Your Building Staff
2016 April Tool Box Must Haves for Your Building Staff

Many times I have looked at a repair bill or troubleshooting project and said to myself, “there had to have been a more effective and less expensive way to have found this out or to have accomplished the same results.” Look for Ways to Sav…

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Maintenance Beware of Mold
2016 April Beware of Mold

If you own, manage or maintain any New York State private or public property that has had a moisture intrusion event, mold growth, resident/occupant complaint, or a due diligence request you need to know if this law applies to you.  On Janu…

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Board Operations Meeting Reminders
2016 April Meeting Reminders

On a consistent basis, a group of elected shareholders or unit owners, for co-ops and condos respectively, meet to conduct the building’s business.  This group is known as a Board of Directors (co-ops) or a Board of Managers (condos).  The …

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Management Proper Record-Keeping
2016 April Proper Record-Keeping

Like any company, a multifamily residential community generates a lot of paperwork in the course of doing business, from employment records to tenant records and more. It can be an enormous amount of stuff to manage, and knowing what to kee…

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