2007 Dec
Focus on... Safety & Security

Security Customizing Emergency Plans for Your Building
2007 Dec Customizing Emergency Plans for Your Building

As we sit in our buildings all over the city, we'd like to think that we're protected from emergencies by our sprinkler systems, electronic alarm systems and staff. However much we don't want to think about it, an emergency situation can ha…

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Security What You Need to Know
2007 Dec What You Need to Know

It's a nightmare scenario. From the 1970s-era disaster movie The Towering Infernoto the very real nightmare of 9/11, the idea of being trapped by a raging fire hundreds of feet in the air is nothing anybody wants to contemplate. High-r…

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Security Dealing with the Unforeseeable
2007 Dec Dealing with the Unforeseeable

In 2004, a NewsChannel 4 helicopter corkscrewed and slammed onto the roof of a Brooklyn apartment building, shattering into pieces. In July 2006, Dr. Nicholas Bartha blew up his Upper East Side townhouse that he was about to lose in a divor…

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Security Walking the Line Between Safety and Privacy
2007 Dec Walking the Line Between Safety and Privacy

When it comes to the things that people value most, personal safety and security rank right at the top of the list. That's especially true in a day and age filled with ongoing anxiety over everything from identity theft to car jackings t…

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Interior Maintaining Efficient Climate Control
2007 Dec Maintaining Efficient Climate Control

With winter kicking it up a notch, co-op and condo residents inevitably begin thinking about their heating systems. How can we save money in a time of soaring energy costs? What technology upgrades are available for city co-ops and condo…

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Security Technology Greeting You at Your Door
2007 Dec Technology Greeting You at Your Door

When it comes to living in New York City, having a doorman in your condo or co-op is a luxury that almost everyone wishes they could have. A doorman has many functions, among them providing a sense of security and collecting packages for…

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Interior Beating "Sick Building Syndrome"
2007 Dec Beating "Sick Building Syndrome"

Want to hear a phrase that will scare away just about any potential homeowner—"Sick Building Syndrome." "Sick building syndrome (SBS) can be summarized as all the situations associated within a building's ventilation system which leads…

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Neighborhoods Rego Park, Queens
2007 Dec Rego Park, Queens

Rego Park, Queens is a neighborhood that has seen many changes over the years. Once considered the suburbs, it is now a bustling community home to many families, a diverse population of immigrants from all over the world and a large numb…

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Security How to Care for at Risk Residents
2007 Dec How to Care for at Risk Residents

New York City is famous (perhaps infamous) for its residents' philosophy of minding their own business—dress as a giant chicken, sport a revolutionary haircut…nobody minds. This attitude is great if you're a young person expressing your …

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Q&A Q&A: Shady Election
2007 Dec Q&A: Shady Election

Q I live in a condominium and we just had our annual election. Each year, new people run for the board, but the existing board members solicit proxies in order to remain on the board. As a result, five “old-timers” seem to make all the …

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Q&A Q&A: New Management, No Minutes
2007 Dec Q&A: New Management, No Minutes

Q In years past, unit owners were given copies of the minutes of the annual meeting. A new management company was engaged and this practice stopped. Now, when I have requested the minutes of the annual meeting, I have been told that …

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Q&A Q&A: Term Limits
2007 Dec Q&A: Term Limits

Q How many years can a person serve on a board? Is there a way to limit the number of years someone may serve? —Curious Board Member A “In the majority of residential cooperative and condominium buildings there…

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Q&A Q&A: Starting a Reserve Fund
2007 Dec Q&A: Starting a Reserve Fund

Q How do we start a reserve fund? Where does the money come from? What can we or can’t we use the money for? Must we get approval from shareholders/owners in order to spend the reserve fund? —Building Board Member A “…

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Q&A Q&A: Unwarranted Attorney Fees?
2007 Dec Q&A: Unwarranted Attorney Fees?

Q I am living in a condo whereby I am enduring loud noise by two rude neighbors. I had to hire my own private lawyer. The condo board has their own lawyer and their lawyer responded to my lawyer. I recently received a bill from the cond…

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