2003 May
Focus on... Interior Design

Design From Empire to IKEA
2003 May From Empire to IKEA

Like fashion, music, and architecture, interior design has changed drastically over the last hundred years. What's the bleeding-edge of hipness one year becomes totally passé the next, only to come full circle and be cool and ironic again…

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Design Dragons in Our Midst
2003 May Dragons in Our Midst

New York City has a lot going for it: it's a center for the visual and performing arts, it's a hub of international business, it's a major tourist destination - and it has some of the most fantastic architecture in the country. From Federa…

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Interior Here Comes the Rain Again
2003 May Here Comes the Rain Again

Of all the problems that can befall a residential building over the course of its long, eventful life, perhaps none is more insidious and damaging than water leakage and infiltration. Water leaks are hard to triangulate and hard to stop, a…

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Interior Get Soaked!
2003 May Get Soaked!

To swim a straight fifty-foot lap, the majority of New York's eight million souls have no choice but to brave the Hudson River. This is not the case, however, for residents of Trump Place at 200 Riverside Boulevard, who merely need to head …

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Design A Splash of Color
2003 May A Splash of Color

Now that the city has shed its dark winter shades and spring is finally here, it's time for the renovation work to begin. Whether yours is a 250-unit high-rise or a seven-unit walk up, buildings all over the five boroughs are getting ready…

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Design A Facade Makeover
2003 May A Facade Makeover

It was bound to happen: Your building, in its heyday an architectural gem, has started to show its age. The facade, with ornate details that were once a striking accent to the neighborhood, is beginning to deteriorate. If it's been years s…

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Design Into the Woods
2003 May Into the Woods

These days there's a virtually an endless array of building materials available, so why is good old wood still a perennial favorite? Maybe because it lends an organic warmth to any space. Maybe because it harkens back to another time and p…

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Design Carpenter's Dream
2003 May Carpenter's Dream

With so many woods to choose from, it can be a daunting task to make a decision. Luckily, we've whittled down the list for you. Certain species have proven to be popular throughout history - and for very good reasons. Here's a sampling o…

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Board Operations From Clutter to Crisis to Cleanup
2003 May From Clutter to Crisis to Cleanup

Reporter's Diary Day One: The Assignment 2:30 PM: Read e-mail assignment letter from editor at The Cooperator. Topic is compulsive hoarding: who does it, how it mushrooms into problems for shareholders and their neighbors, what can…

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Design If These Walls Could Talk
2003 May If These Walls Could Talk

A bare wall to a homeowner or interior designer is like a blank canvas to an artist - the options to create are endless. Gone are the days when you were restricted to either white paint or gaudy wallpaper. Today, you can colorize with peac…

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Neighborhoods The Fifth Borough
2003 May The Fifth Borough

"The whole island is like a garden, and affords very fine scenery." - Henry David Thoreau, Staten Island, 1843 Since Thoreau wrote about its charms nearly 200 years ago, Staten Island has occasionally been referred to as the "s…

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Board Operations Residential Strike Averted
2003 May Residential Strike Averted

Local 32BJ of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) reached agreement on a new three-year contract, averting a potentially costly and damaging strike that would have impacted more than a million apartment dwellers in Manhattan, …

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Exterior Altering Your Building
2003 May Altering Your Building

Replacing a boiler, renovating a lobby or repairing a façade, can create problems that one might not anticipate or expect. Embarking upon major building projects can turn into a major headache if not done properly and with the help of lic…

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Law & Legislation Renovating Your Apartment
2003 May Renovating Your Apartment

Anyone living in a co-op knows that if they want to renovate their apartment, they will need to sign an alteration agreement. This document is basically a contract between the shareholder and the co-op in which the shareholder agrees to va…

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Organizations Professional Women in Construction
2003 May Professional Women in Construction

As we wind our way along city streets and avenues, carefully navigating the most direct route to our final destination, most of us are somehow able to tune out the ambient roar that surrounds us. The traffic, the jackhammers, the bulldozer…

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