2003 Mar
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Real Estate Trends You Can Go Home Again
2003 Mar You Can Go Home Again

As we head towards the second quarter of 2003, the world is a very different place than it was at the turn of this new century. Back then, New York City was riding high on the crest of the "New Economy," toasting success in a rocket-fuele…

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Real Estate Trends Living Downtown
2003 Mar Living Downtown

Eventually, Manhattan's lower tip could have an economically diverse population, a variety of new retail shops to service them, and more green space. If things go as Mayor Michael Bloomberg hopes, that is. Today, the region's weekday stree…

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Design My Green Heaven
2003 Mar My Green Heaven

When someone says the words "tree-lined street," what comes to mind? Whatever you're envisioning, chances are it's easy on the eyes and the spirit. The phrase connotes a certain placid, upscale sensibility, which can translate neatly into…

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Neighborhoods Developing the Downtown
2003 Mar Developing the Downtown

The Lower Manhattan Development Corporation (LMDC) and the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey (PANYNJ), the agencies charged with overseeing the rebuilding of the World Trade Center site, have narrowed the field from nine design con…

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Finance No Easy Task in Today's Market
2003 Mar No Easy Task in Today's Market

Back in the days of irrational exuberance, co-op board directors would occasionally contact me to inquire about investing in stocks to achieve higher rates of return on reserve funds. I believed it was an unwise move then and my advice wou…

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Interior Bye-Bye Birdie
2003 Mar Bye-Bye Birdie

When you think of household pests - that's pests, not pets - it's usually bugs and rodents that come to mind. In New York, however, birds are pests too; especially the overabundance of pigeons that congregate on buildings seeking food and …

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Neighborhoods Harlem Song
2003 Mar Harlem Song

Just about every neighborhood in New York City has had its ups and downs and its own particular stereotypes. Areas rise and fall as centers for culture or as fashionable places to live. For whatever reason, few places have been on the roll…

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Board Operations A Meeting of the Minds
2003 Mar A Meeting of the Minds

The Cooperator recently hosted the first of what is hoped to be an ongoing series of casual, roundtable-style forums in which co-op and condo presidents from all five boroughs met to discuss issues and concerns of particular interest to sh…

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Law & Legislation Legislation Helps Senior Homeowners
2003 Mar Legislation Helps Senior Homeowners

Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg recently signed legislation increasing the income exemption eligibility levels to help reduce the tax burden on senior homeowners. Intro 265 amends the city's administrative code with respect to the Senior …

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Board Operations Mi Casa Es Su Casa
2003 Mar Mi Casa Es Su Casa

Subletting your co-op or condo apartment in the city is a lot like subletting a rental - but with a few important differences. Many co-op apartment boards flatly refuse to allow subletting, and of those that do allow it, nearly all have st…

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Organizations Manhattan Association of Realtors
2003 Mar Manhattan Association of Realtors

If you're house hunting anywhere outside of Manhattan, you can waltz into pretty much any real estate office in the town of your choice and, within minutes, with a click of the mouse, your agent can produce a list of every available proper…

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Buying & Selling MLS-Less
2003 Mar MLS-Less

The road toward having a single, comprehensive Multiple Listing Service, or MLS, in New York City has so far been long and arduous. Most major U.S. cities have had their own version since the 1970s, but for a host of reasons - size, sheer …

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