2002 Mar
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Organizations A Look Into REBNY
2002 Mar A Look Into REBNY

For more than one hundred years, The Real Estate Board of New York (REBNY) has been an invaluable resource for real estate professionals in New York City. More than just a trade association, REBNY has expanded over the years to include advo…

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Interior Realizing the Dream
2002 Mar Realizing the Dream

Suppose you want to give new life to your dingy old kitchen, enlarge your living room or convert a bedroom loft into a cozy, office study. You have to choose a professional who can best turn that dream into reality, and choosing the right p…

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Neighborhoods In the Heart of Things
2002 Mar In the Heart of Things

For all the permanence that its centuries-old history suggests, the midtown neighborhood of Murray Hill and Kip’s Bay is a neighborhood with a little bit of everything. A gently evolving mix of turn-of-the-century brownstones rubs shoulders…

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Real Estate Trends Market Review and Forecast
2002 Mar Market Review and Forecast

After an era of giddy figures–with the average price of an apartment in Manhattan closing in on $1 million–New York City’s residential real estate market has started to lose its sense of certainty. Any broker asked about the state of affair…

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Buying & Selling Buy, Buy!
2002 Mar Buy, Buy!

New Yorkers looking for a little more living space have a lot of options these days. Construction on new co-op and condo buildings–as well as conversions–are moving along at a steady pace, while the recent economic downturn has made New Yor…

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Board Operations Fear of Rejection
2002 Mar Fear of Rejection

More than 100 board members, residents, and guests recently gathered to hear a workshop seminar on how boards can avoid discriminatory practices when approving applications from prospective purchasers. The seminar panels were held in conjun…

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Law & Legislation Broker Uses Inside Info to Defraud Clients
2002 Mar Broker Uses Inside Info to Defraud Clients

In the course of representing and negotiating for the interests of their clients, real estate brokers are often privy to sensitive or confidential information. Whether buying or selling, residential or commercial, super-luxe or no-frills sp…

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