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Security Fees Under Fire
2010 December Fees Under Fire

 A proposal to ban federal lenders from purchasing loans in co-ops that use flip  tax fees or condos with deed-based transfer fees has housing community leaders  worried the ruling would lead to diminished operating budgets and severely  d…

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Security Where There's Smoke
2010 December Where There's Smoke

 These days SoHo is populated by fancy eateries, high-end boutiques, the Apple  store, and of course, the art galleries. On the weekends, the streets are  packed with shoppers and tourists. This neighborhood is characteristic of  several a…

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Security Keeping it All Inside
2010 December Keeping it All Inside

New legislation and a push by the city fathers to make New York City buildings more energy-efficient has thrown the gauntlet down for New Yorkers to also become more energy-conscious. Wouldn’t it be great if residents decided to take th…

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Security Be Prepared
2010 December Be Prepared

Security is a big issue no matter where you live, but in a sprawling urban environment like New York City, it's toward the top of residents' list of concerns. For co-ops and condos, addressing this means not only providing residents a …

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Security Get Out and Be Safe
2010 December Get Out and Be Safe

Just this past September, a tornado hit Park Slope, Central Brooklyn and parts of Queens, doing substantial damage in a few short minutes. It left people in other parts of the city wondering, “Could it happen here?” But the tornado—and …

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Security A Word to the Wise
2010 December A Word to the Wise

There are some eight million people living in the five boroughs of New York. A sample size that big is bound to yield some bad apples. Most every New Yorker knows how to avoid the garden-variety, shady-looking miscreant on the street—th…

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Security Data Security
2010 December Data Security

If they have a mind to, an unscrupulous person in possession of someone's personal information can cause a lot of damage. Their mischief can range from opening charge cards and other lines of credit, running up huge charges in the vict…

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Security Thoughts & Predicitions from Industry Pros
2009 Dec Thoughts & Predicitions from Industry Pros

 For pretty much every business sector you can think of, 2009 was a roller  coaster of a year—and real estate was particularly hard-hit. Some industry professionals have  weathered the storm, while others have packed up and moved on from t…

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Security Bed Bugs, Lead Paint and Graffiti
2009 Dec Bed Bugs, Lead Paint and Graffiti

 The Federation of New York Housing Cooperatives & Condominiums recently held a roundtable seminar for board presidents and board  members at the New York Hall of Science in Queens. The October 24th event  attracted around 50 people and pa…

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Security Handling Issues of Environmental Safety
2009 Dec Handling Issues of Environmental Safety

 Our homes are our sanctuaries—the places we go to feel safe. Sometimes, though, problems arise that can  threaten that sense of security. We worry about fire, or intruders or other  common fears, but rarely do we consider environmental co…

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