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Board Operations Checks and Balances
1998 Nov Checks and Balances

Your co-op or condo is your home but it's also a business with vendors, contractors and a board of directors that sets guidelines affecting everyone. As in any business, there exists the potential for theft and fraud. While there are no …

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Board Operations Policies and Procedures
1998 Nov Policies and Procedures

The best-run co-ops and condos regularly update their house rules document, providing essential information to residents, the board and the professionals who work with the building, on everything from payment of arrears to installation of w…

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Board Operations Time Management and Delegation
1998 Oct Time Management and Delegation

Since it's a common belief that the best way to get something done is to give it to a busy person, it's often the busiest shareholders and unit owners that are elected to serve on the board. How do they find the time to add yet another resp…

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Shareholder Relations Your Rights and Obligations
1997 Oct Your Rights and Obligations

Your roof terrace leaked and the neighbor below you sued for damages. Do you have any recourse? The heating system in your apartment failed to work and the managing agent sent you the bill for its repair. Do you have to pay? You bought a …

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Law & Legislation Board Denials on the Rise
1997 Oct Board Denials on the Rise

As the resale value and demand for cooperative apartments increase and the supply of available units decreases, purchasers are facing denials for admission to co-op buildings in record number. There was a time when many co-op boards concl…

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Shareholder Relations Homeowners Insurance
1997 Jul/Aug Homeowners Insurance

Two weeks after Angel Agostino renewed her small insurance policy with Ron Tepperman, Inc., a base- ment fire caused her apartment to burn down and she lost everything. I got insurance because I thought the roof would leak, Agostino expla…

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Law & Legislation Voting by Proxy
1997 Jul/Aug Voting by Proxy

When it comes to decision-making in your building, attending meetings in person is always best. But should the need arise, shareholders and unit owners are permitted to vote in board elections and other matters of corporate governance by pr…

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Law & Legislation Passing on Co-ops
1997 Jun Passing on Co-ops

Maintaining authority over sales by estates has become a difficult challenge for co-op boards of directors. It is essential for co-ops to be reasonably assured that future maintenance payments will be made and that they will be able to c…

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Board Operations The Shareholder Versus the Board
1996 Jul/Aug The Shareholder Versus the Board

When it comes to key security, most co-op shareholders and other tenants have no choice but to trust in their building manager. That's because New York state law requires tenants to provide landlords with duplicate keys, if requested. Wheth…

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