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Design From Storage to Stairmaster
2000 Dec/Jan From Storage to Stairmaster

About ten years ago, Doug Anderson, the board president of 1125 Park Avenue, and some of his fellow board members walked though their building’s basement and saw a wall which, according to Anderson, "didn’t make sense." The inquisitive coop…

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Design Renovated Masterpiece
1999 Jul/Aug Renovated Masterpiece

Successfully combining her talents as an artist, architectural and interior designer, Rebecca Alston, president of Rebecca Alston Inc., a design firm in Manhattan, recently renovated a 3,600-square-foot loft condo in Tribeca. Her clients, a…

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Design Designing with Light
1998 Dec/Jan Designing with Light

There's no question that human beings respond to light. Its absence can affect our sense of well-being, and this may be why bright, sunny apartments tend to be the easiest to sell. Whether you have an interior designer map out a detailed li…

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Design Authenticity Fetches Big Bucks
1997 Oct Authenticity Fetches Big Bucks

Real estate brokers are familiar with the scenario: An excited buyer enters a spacious apartment in a building located at a desirable address. Despite the fact that she's been warned by the broker that the interior has been modernized, the …

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Design Combining Apartments
1997 Oct Combining Apartments

Have you and your family outgrown your apartment? If so, it is time to find a space large enough for everyone to be spread out in. A three-bedroom apartment would be ideal; but, unfortunately, few are available and prices are escalating rap…

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Design Urban Landscaping
1997 Sep Urban Landscaping

Landscaping is often associated with garden apartments that boast acres of land and rolling hills decorated with towering trees, bountiful flower gardens and lush courtyards. However, landscaping is just as important, if not more so, in …

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Design Renovation Woes
1997 May Renovation Woes

Every day in New York City interior renovation work is taking place that is illegal to a greater or lesser degree. Just because the work looks good, does not mean that it meets Building Code requirements or that it's what the board of di…

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Design Re-Designing Common Areas
1997 May Re-Designing Common Areas

If two people have a hard time agreeing on what movie to see, it would seem impossible that the residents of even the smallest co-op or condo building would be able to agree on a color scheme for the new lobby. But that's no excuse for…

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Design Kitchen Makeover
1997 May Kitchen Makeover

How do you take a small kitchen, make it three times as large and make sure that it fits in with the rest of the apartment? Interior designer Gail Green would say very carefully. And that is exactly what she did for one family's kitche…

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Design The Empty Nesters
1996 Jul/Aug The Empty Nesters

An elderly retired couple, married for 40 years, recently sold their ten-room suburban home for a simpler three-room Manhattan condominium. They lead an active social life, often entertain their three children and five grandchildren for…

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