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Design The Home Office
1996 May The Home Office

Who wouldn't love the opportunity to stay at home instead of schlepping into work every morning? Today, more and more people are given the opportunity to avoid the trek into the office and work at home. With babyboomers wanting to stay ho…

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Design Closet Miracles
1996 May Closet Miracles

When you open your closet doors, are your clothes hung so haphazardously that you can't find your bright blue shirt? Does the pile of sweaters on the top shelf topple over when you pull one out? Are your shoes so scrambled on the floor th…

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Design A Spectacular New Kitchen
1996 May A Spectacular New Kitchen

You don't have to be a gourmet cook to appreciate the value of a well-designed kitchen. Even if you and your loved ones subsist on take-out food and microwave dinners, the kitchen is still one of the most heavily used rooms in your co-op …

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Design A Sign of Good Design
1996 Feb A Sign of Good Design

Everyone agrees that a building's exterior and lobby make a lasting first impression. But have you ever noticed how many signs you pass between the curb and the apartment you are visiting? As we breeze through on our way upstairs, we barely…

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Design Designing for the Environment
1995 Nov Designing for the Environment

As issues such as global warming, shrinking rain forests and overflowing landfills move to the top of our national agenda, environmental considerations have taken a higher priority among interior designers as well. These days, a kitchen ren…

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Design First Impressions Are Lasting
1995 Sep First Impressions Are Lasting

Just as the entrance hall of an apartment welcomes and sets the tone for the rooms beyond, a lobby creates an instant impression for anyone who enters, including guests and potential buyers. A lobby is a building's best foot forward and mus…

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Design Going Up in Style
1995 Jul/Aug Going Up in Style

Appearances are important. How your building looksfrom the inside outhas a direct impact on both the value of each apartment and the morale of every resident. From the facade to the awning to the flowers on the lobby table, a good first…

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Design Miracle on 49th Street
1995 May Miracle on 49th Street

Construction began in mid August, in the midst of the sweltering heat of New York City. A miracle was taking place at the United Nations Plaza; a miracle that was completed in 12 short weeks. Walls were being knocked down, electrical wire…

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Design Designing Personalities
1995 Mar Designing Personalities

Personality. Every individual has one, every couple, every family. Whether vibrant, artistic, intelligent, meticulous or expressive, every individual's personality varies and shines through in their every action, every word, every movement.…

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Design Renovators Beware
1995 Feb Renovators Beware

Renovation. It is a process that is approached with both excitement and trepidation. The excitement has everything to do with the results that are anticipated, while the trepidation, for many, is based on the stories told by others. I be…

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