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Design Green For Green
2002 Apr Green For Green

"Ahhh. That’s lovely." We all like those attractive pink blossoms, the intricately shaped shrubbery, the tulips that burst from a planter on the sidewalk. Something about landscaping, in our minds, takes the American, white-picket-fence dre…

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Design Worth Coming Home To
2002 Dec/Jan Worth Coming Home To

Many co-op and condo-dwellers have been looking inward of late, concentrating their energy and income on making improvements to their buildings and personal spaces, rather than spending money on travel, entertainment, and other more extrove…

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Design Bringing Calm to Chaos
2001 Sep Bringing Calm to Chaos

The time has come to ask yourself some tough questions: Do I find myself constantly sneaking my clothing into my partner’s closet? Am I running out of drawer space because my bureau is overflowing with items I can’t fit into my tiny closet?…

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Design That Special Touch
2001 May That Special Touch

Is the entryway of your building looking less than inviting these days? Perhaps the lobby isn’t as cozy and welcoming as residents might like, or maybe it’s the mailroom that needs some work. If it’s been years since the last time your comm…

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Design Designing Outdoor Space
2001 May Designing Outdoor Space

"It’s very special to have outdoor space in Manhattan. It’s so valuable," says Madelyn Simon, CEO of Madelyn Simon Associates, that specializes in interior and exterior plantscapes. Simon’s past projects have included landscaping the butter…

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Design More Than Just a Good Eye
2001 May More Than Just a Good Eye

It’s not that your lobby looks bad. It’s just that the mirrored light fixtures and orange trim that seemed so stylish in the (original) days of Abba and flared slacks feels rather dated now. A renovation appears inevitable. How should your …

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Design 'Tis the Season
2000 Nov 'Tis the Season

You don’t need a calendar to know that the holiday season is almost upon us–just look around: from elaborate window displays in department stores to the subtle decorations like wreaths and lights, it’s hard to ignore the various decorations…

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Design Lighting
2000 May Lighting

Lighting is much more than a device that enables us to see. Proper lighting defines space and creates atmosphere, essentially setting the mood and tone of an area. When designing a space, where does lighting come into play? According to Reb…

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Design The London Terrace Restoration
2000 May The London Terrace Restoration

Like a firm handshake or solid eye contact, certain things can turn first impressions into good impressions. For a building, the look of a lobby can make or break its reputation, both among residents and visitors. To catch an approving eye,…

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Design Cover Story: The Changing Face of  New York
2000 Feb Cover Story: The Changing Face of New York

New York City is in a constant state of flux. At no time was this better illustrated than during the recent New Year’s Eve celebrations. Photographs of Times Square celebrations past were constantly flashed across television screens, but wh…

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