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Buildings Maximize Your Rooftop Space
Maximize Your Rooftop Space

The mere ability to access one's rooftop in New York City is a cause to be celebrated. Especially in the sweltering summer months, the ability to escape a cramped hot apartment and look out upon the town from a breezy perch, get some sun, o…

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Buildings Customizing Your Trash Cans for Your Property
Customizing Your Trash Cans for Your Property

Trash used to be easy.  But now in a world where recycling and environmental awareness has become the norm, it’s no longer just “lift up the lid and throw it in the trash.” Separating different types of waste has become the norm in most loc…

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Buildings Do I Need Window Guards?
Do I Need Window Guards?

For apartment buildings, window guards can protect little ones from dangerous and deadly falls. It's also the law. Under New York City's Local Law 57 of 2011 , apartments whose tenants include young children are required to install wi…

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Buildings Gross! Rat Season Is Upon Us
Gross! Rat Season Is Upon Us

If there’s one thing that’s unavoidable in New York City, it’s pests. Their very existence, though insanely displeasurable, is almost synonymous with life in an urban environment. And while some are easier to deal with than others, they are…

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