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Law & Legislation
Developer Sued for Stiffing Neighbors

The Real Deal reports that developer Barnet Liberman has been sued for failure to pay common charges in the building he co-developed and in which he owns (or just lives in, depending who you ask—see below) the penthouse. Along with a part…

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Energy Conservation
Energy Issues on the Horizon

Deadlines for benchmarking reporting for all apartment buildings - co-ops, condos, and rentals alike - has been postponed from May 1, 2022, to May 31, 2022. The postponement gives building and property owners more time to accumulate and org…

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On The Board
Pied-a-Terre…or Thinly Disguised Airbnb?

Every co-op in New York City has its own personality and ‘vibe,’ depending on its age, neighborhood, resident demographics, and board engagement - but one thing that’s consistent across just about every co-op community are the typically str…

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Buying & Selling
The Open House Returns

As spring arrives and the COVID pandemic (hopefully) continues to wane in NYC, life feels like it’s beginning to return to some semblance of normal - including in the real estate industry. One sure sign is the return of the open house, long…

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