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Buying & Selling
Seller Beware?

It’s a seller’s market, or so the NYC real estate pundits are telling us. But what does that actually mean?  Does it mean it’s easier to sell a home than it would be in a buyer’s market? Are units selling for more money, or more quickly? Do…

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Board Operations
Renovating a Co-Op or Condo Unit in NYC

With all the pandemic-related restrictions being discussed in the media, it’s sometimes startling to realize how much renovation work is still going on in and around co-op and condominium apartments. It’s long been routine for co-op boards…

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Real Estate Trends
Unsolicited Offers

Night falls on the city; just as she’s about to close up shop for the day, a broker receives an email from an unknown sender. The sender is interested in purchasing a specific unit in a specific building - so interested, in fact, that they …

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Budgeting For Design

As Budgeting Season approaches for co-op and condo communities, it’s time for the boards of associations and corporations to consider how they will cover expenses and fund projects in the coming year and beyond. While recurring operating ex…

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Building Operations
DOB Deadline:

As part of NYC's Greener, Greater Building Plan , Local Law 87/09 requires building owners to have an energy audit conducted on their base-building systems, undertake energy-efficient maintenance practices as part of retro-commission…

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Co-op & Condo Financing

Aging is expensive—and that goes double for residential buildings. Exterior deterioration is inevitable, mechanical systems do not last forever, and everyday foot traffic and wear take their toll on even the sturdiest structures. For many c…

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