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Real Estate Trends
COVID Reshaped How Developers Build

Like other bellwether events before it (9/11, the Great Recession), the COVID-19 pandemic has wrought seismic changes to the residential real estate industry. It’s changed the way we live within our own homes, particularly in terms of how w…

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As Costs Rise, So Do Carrying Charges

The Community Associations Institute (CAI) estimates that 74 million Americans live in communities managed by homeowners associations, of which condos account for 35% to 40%. That’s a lot of people - many of whom may be in for a nasty shock…

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Foreign Buyers Return to New York Market

As the value of real estate in New York City has soared - and for the most part been seemingly immune to market trends that have tanked other markets - buying apartments has become a legitimate form of investment for those with the means. N…

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Real Estate Trends
Virtual Staging

While the old adage says that real estate is all about ‘location, location, location,’ marketing is all about being in front of the customer. That’s an important factor in marketing co-op and condo apartments that was essentially vaporized …

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Building Better in Surfside’s Wake

The tragic partial collapse and subsequent demolition of the Champlain Towers South Condominium in Surfside, Florida this past June revealed some gaping holes in the structures, governance, and oversight of the country’s multifamily buildin…

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Building Operations
Here Comes the Rain Again

The recent flash flooding resulting from Hurricane Ida and other torrential summer storms around the nation has come as something of a wake-up call for homeowners and local governments alike. The real-world effects of climate change are upo…

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