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Maintenance Modern underground parking with cars
Who Pays for Garage Inspections & Repairs?

After the deadly collapse of a parking garage building in lower Manhattan last year, the City of New York moved to prevent similar tragedies from occurring, undertaking the herculean task of inspecting every garage in New York City for crac…

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Exterior Waterproofing flat roof with bitumen sealing membranes
Replacing Your Roof?

As we move toward spring and summer, major capital improvement projects become the focus for many co-op and condominium communities. One of the largest projects your community may undertake is a roof replacement. Whether a high-rise, mid-ri…

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Energy Conservation Net zero by 2050. Carbon neutral. Net zero greenhouse gas emissions target. Climate neutral long term strategy. No toxic gases. save world save life.
Local Law 97 Update

In 2025, the first compliance requirements for Local Law 97 will become a fact of life for literally thousands of New York City co-ops and condos, and those who call them home. Local Law 97 is far-reaching legislation aimed at making New Yo…

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Design Interior of modern beige armchair, small wooden modern table, planter with green bushes, and contemporary tall glass chandelier, in a hall with decorated wood cladding wall, and white marble floor
Grey is Gone in '24

A new year always comes with reports of new trends in everything, be it fashion, food…or lobby and common area design in residential communities. Furnishings and design, like clothes, are the subject of style and vogue that morph and change…

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Finance Coin with arrows concept for funds transfer
Don't Bet on Flip Taxes

As 2023 draws to a close, the New York metro’s co-op and condominium communities are feeling the consequences of a long, slow, persistent market decline brought on by the pandemic, rising interest rates, and inflation. That decline has mean…

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Building Operations People pick up jobs.Resume review, recruitment, employee search, HR, headhunting.Flat abstract vector illustration.
Choosing the Right Vendors

The success of your co-op or condo community largely depends on the vendors and service providers you choose - especially those you hire to execute larger, more involved projects that have the potential to be disruptive to the residents who…

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