2013 June
Focus on... Law & Legislation

Law & Legislation After the Storm
2013 June After the Storm

 Fires devastated Breezy Point; areas of Staten Island were destroyed with lives  lost; thousands of residents in Lower Manhattan were plunged into darkness after an  electrical transformer exploded on the East River. These events were amo…

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Law & Legislation New York Legislative Update for 2013
2013 June New York Legislative Update for 2013

 The New York State legislative season is here again, and bills of all kinds are  being considered, including housing. Some of these bills directly impact co-op  and condo board members, managers and residents. Housing is also on the agend…

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Law & Legislation Listen Up!
2013 June Listen Up!

 While some condos and co-ops are lucky enough to have lawyers serve as members  of their board, the majority of boards don’t have an in-house legal expert. They often reach out to their attorney to  answer questions, vet documents and sen…

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Law & Legislation So You've Been Sued — Now What?
2013 June So You've Been Sued — Now What?

 Lawsuits are usually not an association’s go-to method for dispute resolution. Expensive and time-consuming, they can  quickly turn into a financial burden and may create strained relations in the  community. Unfortunately, in some cases …

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Real Estate Trends Butt Out?
2013 June Butt Out?

 In the ongoing effort to limit the non-smoking public's exposure to secondhand  cigarette smoke, municipal governments across the country are coming up with  increasingly strict bans on smoking in public places—even on public streets and …

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Management Staff Management 101
2013 June Staff Management 101

 Management of any property requires a varying degree of resources and skills.  Materials, capital, and personnel are required for everything from ordering  supplies to the complete overseeing of a multi-unit, high rise co-op or  condomini…

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Board Operations The Importance of Being Transparent
2013 June The Importance of Being Transparent

 A key to success and functionality in any relationship is clear, consistent  communication. In a residential community, part of achieving functionality is  managing the information in the governing documents and records which detail  the …

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Management A Mighty Wind
2013 June A Mighty Wind

 People living along the Gulf Coast have long accepted hurricanes as a fact of  life—one that brings with it torrential rain, howling winds, and devastating  hailstorms. The Mid-Atlantic has been hit with a few big storms over the past  tw…

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Design Soundproofing 101
2013 June Soundproofing 101

 Walls are the only separation between you and your neighbors when you live in a  densely-populated area like Manhattan, and sometimes, it feels like privacy  goes out the window. People hear their next-door neighbors talking, footsteps  f…

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Real Estate Trends Electric Revolution On the Horizon?
2013 June Electric Revolution On the Horizon?

 Whether condo associations will buy into the so-called “electric highway” has become the perennial $64,000 question.    And the answer? The electric vehicle or EV revolution is coming, albeit slowly.    ChargePoint, Inc., wh…

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Neighborhoods Long Island City
2013 June Long Island City

 When you think of Jersey mobster Tony Soprano, fashionista Carrie Bradshaw,  perpetual food-stained clothes wearer Liz Lemon, neurotic, scatterbrained  Hannah Horvath and socialite Serena van der Woodsen, Long Island City might not  sprin…

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Law & Legislation Where There's No Will
2013 June Where There's No Will

 It’s probably not something you think about every day—or that's especially pleasant to contemplate at any time—but the fact remains: without a thoughtfully constructed estate plan, there is a  significant risk of your assets ending up in …

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Law & Legislation Handling Second-Hand Smoke Complaints
2013 June Handling Second-Hand Smoke Complaints

 Some of the most intense combat occurring in modern times is not that which has  taken place on battlefields, such as at Normandy, Pork Chop Hill, or in the la  Drang Valley, or currently in the mountains of Afghanistan, but rather in the…

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Q&A Q&A: Without Warning
2013 June Q&A: Without Warning

Q I am a co-op owner of 8 years and our management has raised the late fees from  $25 to $50. Can this be done without any warnings? This affects me as I am not able to pay the maintenance and parking by the 10th  of each month. I have wr…

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Q&A Q&A: Fiduciary Responsibilities and the Board
2013 June Q&A: Fiduciary Responsibilities and the Board

Q I am a board member and shareholder in a Westchester County cooperative where  there has recently been a lot of conflicts among board members. There is a  board member who owns her own realty company and is now privy to all  confidentia…

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Q&A Q&A: Unfairly Charged
2013 June Q&A: Unfairly Charged

Q I have lived in my cooperative apt for the past 13 years and have never been  late with my carrying charges. In those years, the only repairs that the cooperative has made in my apartment  have been emergency repairs (there was a broken…

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Q&A Q&A: NY Confidential
2013 June Q&A: NY Confidential

Q Our co-op has a board member who shared a confidential board decision with the  shareholders and went so far as to initiate and circulate a petition for a  meeting of shareholders to reverse the board decision. Naturally, many  sharehol…

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