2012 May
Focus on... Design/Architecture

The Cooperator's 25th Annual Co-op & Condo Expo
2012 May The Cooperator's 25th Annual Co-op & Condo Expo

The Cooperator's Co-op & Condo Expo celebrated its 25th anniversary show in fine style with hundreds of exhibitors and educational opportunities for co-op and condo boards and residents throughout the tri-state area. Since 1987, the Exp…

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Design Not-so Common Areas
2012 May Not-so Common Areas

Last November marked the completion of a two-year, $20 million renovation of the lobby of the Empire State Building—a pretty hefty sum just to retrofit such a particular space. While the cost was certainly of large proportions, it is no…

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Design Residential Architecture in New York
2012 May Residential Architecture in New York

In 1906, the dashing and amply-mustachioed Stanford White was shot dead by one Harry Kendall Thaw during a show at the Madison Square Roof Garden. Thaw was the jealous husband of one of White’s old flames, and the press dubbed the resul…

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Design Space, the final Frontier
2012 May Space, the final Frontier

Say your building has some extra, unused space—perhaps in the basement, or on the ground floor near the doorman’s station. What to do with it? Two words: Storage. Lockers. If you already have storage lockers, install mor…

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Design Attractive Perks
2012 May Attractive Perks

You’ve got the perfect couple looking into buying a condo in your building. And they love everything about the unit. But here’s the catch—they also love everything about another building’s unit. They can’t decide which to buy. …

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Real Estate Trends Parking Practices
2012 May Parking Practices

 In a city as crowded and fast-paced as New York, parking is a big deal—it’s hard to find it when you need it, and when you do find it, it’s usually very expensive. Since parking spaces in the city are such a hot  commodity, it’s not surpr…

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Management Managing In-Unit Amenities
2012 May Managing In-Unit Amenities

In an online forum, Sharon complains about her upstairs neighbor and begs for advice. Her neighbor had installed a washing machine in her unit, even though there was one already downstairs for the residents of her six-unit building to …

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Management Dealing with Delinquent Owners
2012 May Dealing with Delinquent Owners

By and large, a board and management company can expect payment from residents for monthly fees to be received on time and in full. These all-important funds keep day-to-day operations moving forward without delay. There are situations,…

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Neighborhoods The Hamptons
2012 May The Hamptons

 The storied seaside resort is chock full of celebrities, socialites and  billionaires summering in eye-popping estates, and there’s also the communal seaplanes, hipster charities, polo matches and luxury  boutiques, but you’ll also find t…

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Management New York City's Community Boards
2012 May New York City's Community Boards

New York City is a metropolis of 8.2 million residents, so it’s not surprising that it takes an awful lot of people in a lot of departments and organizations to keep the town’s government running smoothly. Some of those people (the mayor…

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Q&A Q&A:Medicaid and the Co-op
2012 May Q&A:Medicaid and the Co-op

Q “My mother and I jointly own her co-op apartment. She is 90 years old and still lives in the co-op. If it becomes a necessity for her to need homecare and possibly go on Medicaid, what would happen to the co-op after she passes? Will M…

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