2007 Sept
Focus on... Energy Conservation

Energy Conservation Inspiring Buildings to Save Energy
2007 Sept Inspiring Buildings to Save Energy

Ever since An Inconvenient Truth , Al Gore's eye-opening documentary on global warming opened in 2006, the level of awareness among the general public on environmental issues has skyrocketed. Since then, there have been sobering natio…

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Energy Conservation Conservation Tips
2007 Sept Conservation Tips

The buzz about green buildings and energy conservation is so loud you just can't shut your ears to it. And why should you? We are being inundated with information on how to make our buildings and our lives greener. Even if your building …

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Energy Conservation Breaking Down the Process
2007 Sept Breaking Down the Process

The phrase "Reduce, reuse, recycle" has become something of a mantra in our times - though you still occasionally see a glass bottle or plastic container just stuffed in the trash, more and more people from all walks of life are becoming…

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Energy Conservation Preparing Buildings for Winter
2007 Sept Preparing Buildings for Winter

Although it may seem like the dog days of summer were just upon us, it's not too early to start thinking about winter. The cold months are right around the corner, and although last winter might seem like a distant memory, it's time to b…

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Board Operations Dealing with Disruptive Board Members
2007 Sept Dealing with Disruptive Board Members

Every board is different, with its own individual personalities meshing for one common cause: to run the co-op or condo in their charge efficiently and with integrity. Some board members come to their positions with years of experience…

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Real Estate Trends Alternative Energy Sources
2007 Sept Alternative Energy Sources

Whether you consider yourself environmentally-minded or not, green is fast becoming the new black. Everywhere you look, from billboard ads to the Academy Awards, the nation is becoming preoccupied with renewable energy and the reduction of …

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Board Operations Running a Successful Meeting
2007 Sept Running a Successful Meeting

Ever feel like your board meetings last longer than Wagner's entire operatic Ring Cycle? They may not last nine hours, but even three hours is a long time to sit in a chair—especially when the agenda doesn't include the Flight of the Valkyr…

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Neighborhoods Battery Park City
2007 Sept Battery Park City

A walk along the Esplanade is all it takes to absorb the beauty and essence of Battery Park City. Running the entire length of Battery Park City, the 1.2-mile route is a wide walkway that provides breathtaking views of New Jersey's "gold…

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Organizations The New York City Tree Trust
2007 Sept The New York City Tree Trust

Whether trees are categorically lovelier than poems, as Joyce Kilmer famously suggested, is a matter of debate. If pressed, I'll take Ode on a Grecian Urn over Charlie Brown's Yuletide entry any day of the week. New Yorkers will agree, h…

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Buying & Selling Apartments that Sell
2007 Sept Apartments that Sell

The vast majority of co-ops and condos that are put on the market are not in picture-perfect shape for a rapid and high-priced sale. Prospective buyers, who view those apartments, often cannot see beyond the superficial defects and so fa…

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Energy Conservation Solar Powering Your Building
2007 Sept Solar Powering Your Building

Sobering studies published last month by the International Energy Association and the National Petroleum Center suggest that the supply of traditional energy sources may not meet demand by 2015, strong evidence yet again that electric co…

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Q&A Q&A: Missing Meetings
2007 Sept Q&A: Missing Meetings

  Q What happens if board members consistently miss meetings, or don’t attend, messing up the voting process for a board? What recourse do we have?        —Attentive Board Member A “Removal of a member of the board of…

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Q&A Q&A: Radiator Leak
2007 Sept Q&A: Radiator Leak

Q I am a shareholder at a co-op. A radiator (which is located in my wall) was leaking water to the apartment below. I was not aware of it. The super came and fixed a valve and replaced the radiator (which had a hole in it) with a new o…

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Q&A Q&A: Move-in Fees
2007 Sept Q&A: Move-in Fees

Q Our board is thinking of instituting move-in fees. What is a fair move-in fee? How could we implement this policy without a shareholder vote? What could we do with the money we collect? Could it go into the reserve fund or would it ha…

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Q&A Q&A: Too Many Documents?
2007 Sept Q&A: Too Many Documents?

Q I live in a condo with indoor parking facilities. The board recently sent a notice informing residents with current parking that the identity of each vehicle would be kept in order to ensure that owners do now allow unauthorized u…

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Q&A Q&A: Cooperative Plumbing?
2007 Sept Q&A: Cooperative Plumbing?

Q As a board member of an Upper West Side Building, we have grappled with the notion of washing machines in apartments. Those that have them may keep them and update them. Those that do not already have washing machines cannot install …

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