2000 Sep
Focus on... Energy Consevation

Energy Conservation De-Regulation Still Rolling Forth
2000 Sep De-Regulation Still Rolling Forth

With electric de-regulation well underway in New York City, increased focus is shifting toward how well the competitive system is serving customers. The phased-in process, which began in 1998, has gradually allowed customers to get their el…

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Energy Conservation Fuel Prices Taking Their Toll?
2000 Sep Fuel Prices Taking Their Toll?

It seems as if many of us have been here before. In the late 1970s and early ‘80s, fuel prices escalated faster than any professional forecasters in the field thought were imaginable, with heating oil soaring faster than gas, electricity, o…

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Energy Conservation It is Easy Being Green
2000 Sep It is Easy Being Green

The phrases have grown familiar to all of us. Global warming. Ozone depletion. Greenhouse effect. As recycling, composting and other eco-friendly activities become more common, the time seems right to start asking what else can be done to k…

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Energy Conservation Heating Efficiency
2000 Sep Heating Efficiency

T he Cooperator’s readers follow the news. Therefore, I need not say too much about the fact that despite petroleum quotas by the Saudis and President Clinton’s attempt to build up a heating oil reserve for our region, the predictions say t…

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Finance Correct and Collect
2000 Sep Correct and Collect

Vincent DiCeglio worked for the Long Island Lighting (LILCO) company for 24 years as a customer service representative. During that period, he discovered numerous errors on clients’ bills, and felt that consumers could use an outside advoca…

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Law & Legislation Regulated Renters' Rights
2000 Sep Regulated Renters' Rights

Think you don’t need the services of that 24-hour doorman in your co-op anymore? Better check with the rent stabilized tenants with whom you share the building. Chances are their leases provide protection against the elimination of building…

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Interior RATS!
2000 Sep RATS!

Once again newspapers are headlined with the word "Rats," and the questions on every resident’s mind are, "Where did they come from this time?" and "How do we get rid of them?" Like many other problems that face large groups of people tryin…

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Management Team MGRE
2000 Sep Team MGRE

Unlike most firms managing major co-op and condo properties in the metropolitan area, Mark Greenberg Real Estate (MGRE) is not located in Manhattan or another city borough, but is situated in the quaint Long Island town of Port Washington, …

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Neighborhoods Alphabet City
2000 Sep Alphabet City

In a city humming with real estate development projects, one area showing great promise is now poised for explosive growth. Alphabet City, the eastern-most stretch of Manhattan’s East Village, is the new frontier for development that is pus…

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