2000 Mar
Focus on... The Real Estate Market Review & Forecast

Buying & Selling Getting In
2000 Mar Getting In

You found the perfect co-op apartment, close to work, near good friends and good restaurants. And it’s a great investment. You apply to the board and suddenly find yourself on the receiving end of a rejection letter. What happened? Wit…

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Buying & Selling Smooth Sailing
2000 Mar Smooth Sailing

So, you want to sell your apartment and buy another one. Well, there will be plenty of demand for your home because of today’s strong seller’s market. But that same strong market can work against you when you’re out shopping and have to co…

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Real Estate Trends Round-Up of 1990's
2000 Mar Round-Up of 1990's

By all accounts, 1999 was a banner year for New York real estate. On virtually all fronts, 1999 broke all previous records both in the market in general, and here at William B. May. Prices at every level have increased. Large apartments wer…

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Communications The Emergence of Technology
2000 Mar The Emergence of Technology

Back in 1995 I barely knew what the Internet was. No one knew that it would do more than anything to change homebuying process since the classified ad. Our little website experiment called corcoran.com has grown bigger than The Corcoran Gro…

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Buying & Selling Tech Effects
2000 Mar Tech Effects

It wasn’t so long ago that most New York City real estate professionals disdained all electronic devices. Sage advice dictated that nothing would replace the face-to-face or voice-to-voice relationship between buyer and broker and seller an…

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Real Estate Trends A New Millennium or More of the Same?
2000 Mar A New Millennium or More of the Same?

In the final years of the 20th Century, buyers of Manhattan residential real estate faced the Herculean task of facing the capital gains tax law, which eliminated the "rollover" of capital gains from the sale of one primary residence to the…

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