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Design From Storage to Stairmaster
2000 Dec/Jan From Storage to Stairmaster

About ten years ago, Doug Anderson, the board president of 1125 Park Avenue, and some of his fellow board members walked though their building’s basement and saw a wall which, according to Anderson, "didn’t make sense." The inquisitive coop…

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Communications Digital Digs
2000 Dec/Jan Digital Digs

Never before have there been so many ways to become "wired" in The Big Apple. Innovative companies are readying New York City’s co-ops and condos for the new millennium by making state-of-the-art electronic amenities a mere click away from …

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Management Cover Story: On The Hiring Line
1999 Nov Cover Story: On The Hiring Line

With the recent indictments strewn about New York’s real estate industry, co-op and condo boards have become more and more choosy about the professionals they select to protect themselves and their homes. Knowing the angst involved in makin…

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Finance When Sponsors Don't Sell
1999 Nov When Sponsors Don't Sell

Before 1989, during the height of the real estate market, shareholders were buying and selling apartments at an accelerated rate. But when the recession hit the market, between 1989 and 1993, co-op sponsors (holders of unsold shares) couldn…

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Communications Don't Be Left In The Dark
1999 Nov Don't Be Left In The Dark

The recent onslaught of millennium madness has made Y2K a household term. Once just the concern of computer aficionados and a select few with technological foresight, Y2K is now a universal problem. In fact, Y2K has become such a prevalent …

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Design Renovated Masterpiece
1999 Jul/Aug Renovated Masterpiece

Successfully combining her talents as an artist, architectural and interior designer, Rebecca Alston, president of Rebecca Alston Inc., a design firm in Manhattan, recently renovated a 3,600-square-foot loft condo in Tribeca. Her clients, a…

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Energy Conservation Electric Deregulation Has Come
1999 Jul/Aug Electric Deregulation Has Come

Electric deregulation is fast becoming a reality in New York. Adhering to the historic 1996 decision of the New York State Public Service Commission (PSC), utility companies throughout the state such as Con Edison, LILCO, Central Hudson and…

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Maintenance Who is Responsible?
1999 Jun Who is Responsible?

Imagine this. Your contractor has finally completed the renovations to your bathroom - taking three months rather than the three weeks he promised. The wallpaper, special order wall and flooring tile match perfectly, and although you excee…

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Maintenance Cover Story: Where Does All the Garbage Go?
1999 Jun Cover Story: Where Does All the Garbage Go?

There was a time not long ago when New Yorkers could throw just about anything away and not give it a second thought. But in the late 1980s, the federal government enacted strong environmental legislation, including the closure of many land…

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