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Finance New Ruling on IRS 277
1997 Feb New Ruling on IRS 277

Cooperative housing corporations are not exempt from income taxation. Like any other taxpayer, a housing cooperative must pay tax on its taxable income, i.e., its gross income less allowable deductions. Not all amounts that would seem to …

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Finance Tax Abatements Are Good News,
1997 Feb Tax Abatements Are Good News,

The City of New York, in its infinite wisdom, has classified properties into various categories. Class one properties consist of one-, two- and three-family homes and class two properties are multi-family residential properties including …

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Management Your New Management Company
1997 Feb Your New Management Company

Any major change takes some getting used to and hiring a new management company for your co-op or condo is no exception. Even though you're anxious to ring out the old, you can't help but be a little apprehensive about whether the new com…

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Maintenance Clean Chutes and Ducts
1997 Feb Clean Chutes and Ducts

Michael Radomsky, on-site manager of a 16-unit prewar cooperative on Park Avenue, was hearing complaints from the residents about unpleasant cooking odors on the landings. To handle the building's problem, Radomsky put matters into the ha…

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Finance Amending Your By-laws
1997 Dec/Jan Amending Your By-laws

The certificate of incorporation, the proprietary lease (in some cases called occupancy agreements) and the by-laws are the three underlying documents that form the engine running your cooperative. The by-laws are considered by the courts…

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Finance Capital Improvements
1997 Dec/Jan Capital Improvements

If you've ever served on the board of a co-op or condo, the phrases capital improvements, emergency repair, asbestos remov- al and (these days, especially) lead paint abatement probably elicit particularly unpleasant associations. With ex…

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Finance Dial "˜M' for Mortgage
1997 Dec/Jan Dial "˜M' for Mortgage

With interest rates heading lower once again, now may be the ideal time to start hunting for a new underlying mortgage. But don't go off half-cocked. Board members who prepare well before entering the mortgage jungle always bag the bes…

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Finance Making Money
1997 Dec/Jan Making Money

Money. We all need it and want more of it. And just like any business your building needs to cover its expenses with its income. There are ways your building can make money without having to raise maintenance fees. Installing basement sto…

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Finance Recovering Legal Fees
1996 Nov Recovering Legal Fees

Earlier this year, a survey of co-ops and condos indicated a surge of litigation between boards and building residents. Such lawsuits can be very costly for both the resident and the building. One important deterrant to frivolous or unnec…

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Management The Professional Property Manager
1996 Nov The Professional Property Manager

The initials following a person's name often reveal a certain level of educational or professional achieve- ment. Designations like M.D., D.D.S., J.D., C.P.A. and C.L.U. indicate the successful fulfillment of certain standardized requi…

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