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Decision 2016: Oil or Gas

Thanks to an initiative passed by the Bloomberg administration back in 2010, New York City has successfully phased out No. 6 heating oil as of this year. Future plans have an eye toward even cleaner-burning oils and, eventually converting e…

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NYC Finally Has Its Own CAI Chapter

Concerted efforts by a group of industry professionals are about to bear fruit, as a Big Apple Chapter nears certification by the international Community Associations Institute (CAI). The new chapter—representing condominiums, cooperatives,…

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Mediation: A Potential Savior

When it comes to living in close proximity with others, conflict is inevitable. It’s not always the big things that lead to the biggest conflicts either, over time even the smallest of issues can explode into a huge fight. “The sources of …

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Building Operations
Pet Spas & Doggie CSI Units

For boards, having some restrictions in place as to what an owner can do with their pets is just good sense. But, with the emergence of extreme policies either pandering to pet owners, or, the yin to that yang, a police procedural televisio…

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Energy Conservation
Practical Green Energy Choices

From major energy providers to niche sustainability innovators, it seems as if everyone these days is clamoring to get a piece of that celebrated green market. New York condo and co-op boards have taken note, and many have begun to explore …

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