2008 May
Focus on... Design

Design The Good, the Bad, and the (Really) Ugly
2008 May The Good, the Bad, and the (Really) Ugly

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” “There’s no accounting for taste.” “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” While these age-old adages generally hold true, when it comes to working with design committees in co-op and condo sp…

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Design Elevator Design and Maintenance
2008 May Elevator Design and Maintenance

To many people, the elevator isn’t just a device to get you up or down. Wood paneling, exotic woods, carpets, mirrors, chandeliers, brass operating panels—that’s what you’ll see when you go into many elevators in high-end buildings. …

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Design Understanding the Building Blueprint
2008 May Understanding the Building Blueprint

In architecture, floor plans or designs have always been crucial in mapping out how a structure is put together. Even in ancient Egypt, primitive drawings have been found to suggest that builders have been relying on floor plans for mill…

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Design Dressing Your Walls for a Good First Impression
2008 May Dressing Your Walls for a Good First Impression

In the past, choices for wall decorations were simple—paint, wallpaper or paneling (like the infamous paneled dens of the 1970s.) Once you made a selection, you simply narrowed the options down from several available colors or patterns a…

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Design Living in New York City's Singular Spaces
2008 May Living in New York City's Singular Spaces

As prices for co-op and condo apartments in Manhattan continue to climb, and wealthy buyers continue to clamor for the next word in luxury real estate, one subset of house-hunters has set their sights on something different. They want on…

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Design New Trends, New Looks and a Sense of the Future
2008 May New Trends, New Looks and a Sense of the Future

When it comes to issues of design and aesthetics, New York is the epicenter of all things style. That is certainly the case when it comes to architecture and perhaps most importantly, interior design. For co-op and condo buildings, style…

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Board Operations Avoiding Conflicts of Interest
2008 May Avoiding Conflicts of Interest

Although the position offers little compensation apart from the satisfaction of a job well done, building board members are still in charge of running a business—a business with revenues, expenses, and assets. Regardless of the size of the …

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Management When a Project Goes Wrong
2008 May When a Project Goes Wrong

Living in a community sometimes requires a bit of flexibility, and that’s especially true when a large construction project is happening. Usually, whether it’s a facade restoration, lobby redesign, or a heating/ventilation upgrade, most …

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Finance Keeping Design Projects Under Control
2008 May Keeping Design Projects Under Control

A good redesign of an outdated, obsolete, or run-down common area in your co-op or condo building can be a thing of beauty. Spiffing up a lobby, hallway or elevator can not only inspire residents to take more pride in where they live, bu…

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Interior Care and Maintenance for Marble Flooring
2008 May Care and Maintenance for Marble Flooring

Nothing says luxury and elegance quite like acres of polished marble— particularly in the lobby of an upscale co-op or condo building. Marble has been used in palaces, temples, and homes for thousands of years, and is prized for its beauty,…

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Organizations Recognition, Credibility and Certification
2008 May Recognition, Credibility and Certification

With more and more people hanging out shingles as either interior design professionals—thanks partly to the popularity of television shows like Design on a Dime, Extreme Home Makeover and Trading Spaces—knowing who to hire for a job in y…

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Finance Take Advantage of 1031 Exchanges
2008 May Take Advantage of 1031 Exchanges

The “Green Movement” has quickly gone from fad to trend to global initiative. In the U.S., corporations as well as commercial and residential property owners are being challenged to find ways to embrace ‘Green Initiatives’ in response to…

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Design Managing Change, Protecting Investments
2008 May Managing Change, Protecting Investments

New Yorkers live in an ever-changing city that’s been building and rebuilding continuously since its inception. Today, throughout the five boroughs, according to the New York City Department of Buildings (DOB), there are more than 950,00…

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Q&A Q&A: Withholding Taxes for Employee Gifts
2008 May Q&A: Withholding Taxes for Employee Gifts

Q Our condo gives out gifts (in monetary form) to the employees of the building. The gifts go through the president of the board first. The president has created a separate bank account for employee gifts. Is this breaking any laws? Shoul…

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Q&A Q&A: Opting Out
2008 May Q&A: Opting Out

Q I live in a Mitchell Lama co-op which is starting the process of privatization. We have a very large mortgage that has many years to go until it is paid off. We also have a large reserve fund for various contingencies. At a meeting r…

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Q&A Q&A: Fair Election
2008 May Q&A: Fair Election

Q One of our board members has been president for many years. She runs the building on a unilateral basis, giving out very little information about the business of the condo. Unit owners have little influence because the she is elected by…

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