2005 Sep
Focus on... Energy Conservation

Energy Conservation Bright Ideas
2005 Sep Bright Ideas

By If you’re interested in lowering the energy bills of your condo or co-op building, all you have to do is see the light-energy-efficient light, that is. In these days where many people want to conserve energy, and just …

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Energy Conservation The Heat of the Matter
2005 Sep The Heat of the Matter

The importance of a boiler to a building can’t be measured. It provides heat and circulation to its residents and, as anyone who has lived through the harsh New York winter in the past few years can tell you, that’s mighty important. S…

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Energy Conservation Green Buildings
2005 Sep Green Buildings

With the rise of environmentalism and recycling, and the renewed emphasis on energy efficiency since the 1970s energy crisis, has come the idea of the “green building,” which are buildings that actively conserve energy. The idea first …

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Energy Conservation Taking Out the Trash
2005 Sep Taking Out the Trash

It’s your twice-a-year, floor-to-rafters marathon house-cleaning session. You’ve recycled all your newspapers, taken your soda bottles back to the market and disposed of that fern that’s been gone for a few weeks now. Cleaning is nearl…

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Energy Conservation A Clean Sweep
2005 Sep A Clean Sweep

A sweep knows 'e's welcome Wherever 'e goes" --Chim Chim Cheree (from Mary Poppins) Ah, to be a chimney sweep: face covered in soot, bristles in hand, dancing across the rooftops of London with Julie Andrews waiting below… …

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Energy Conservation Adding Value to Your Building
2005 Sep Adding Value to Your Building

Co-op and condo owners and managers continue to face operations and maintenance issues that directly affect ownership costs and property marketability. Among these are: building modernization, equipment and building component repairs a…

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Design Windows on the Future
2005 Sep Windows on the Future

Windows—the number, shape, tint, and finish of the glass—are as much a factor in a building’s overall character as its architectural design and construction materials, and can either add or detract from a building’s curb appeal. Even t…

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Board Operations Responding to Shareholder Complaints
2005 Sep Responding to Shareholder Complaints

One of the biggest complaints heard by attorneys, managers, neighbors, —and yes, even publications like The Cooperator—from co-op and condo dwellers is that board members do not respond promptly to shareholder/owner complaints, or wors…

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Buildings Inside the Ansonia
2005 Sep Inside the Ansonia

Of all the awe-inspiring, historically significant buildings that make the Upper West Side of Manhattan so aesthetically pleasing and popular to the masses, perhaps few are as architecturally exuberant or hold such colorful history as …

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Organizations The Mayor’s Anti-Graffiti Task Force
2005 Sep The Mayor’s Anti-Graffiti Task Force

Just about anyone who lived in or visited New York City in the 1980s or early ‘90s probably has vivid recollections of how the city looked back then. The streets were dirty, whole neighborhoods were “off-limits” to anybody who wasn’t l…

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