2005 Nov
Focus on... Building Maintenance

Interior The Fifth Wall
2005 Nov The Fifth Wall

“Up On the Roof” is the title of a famous 1960s song by The Drifters about two New York inner-city lovers who go up to the roof just to get away from the “hustling crowd.” There’s a lot of romantic connotation to New York City’s rooft…

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Interior The Heat is On
2005 Nov The Heat is On

There are worse places to be than New York City in the winter — Minneapolis, for example, or Anchorage. Thanks to the North Atlantic current, the Big Apple doesn’t tend to freeze as hard as some other northern cities, but it still gets…

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Interior Get Smart
2005 Nov Get Smart

Technical advances are being made in just about every area of our lives, and it’s no wonder that residential buildings are taking advantage of what’s available to make life better, simpler and more economical. More and more buildings ar…

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Interior Who’s Responsible for This?
2005 Nov Who’s Responsible for This?

Do you know what your problem is? More importantly, do you know if it’s actually your problem? In the world of condos and co-ops, understanding who is responsible for what in an apartment or in a building’s common areas isn’t always cle…

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Interior In the Drink
2005 Nov In the Drink

Plumbing is one of those things we take for granted yet without it, we might as well be back in the Stone Age. With dozens, hundreds and sometimes thousands of people living in individual co-op and condo complexes, the importance of we…

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Board Operations Change is Good
2005 Nov Change is Good

David Sack has lived in the West Village John Adams apartment building since 1998. The building is a 21-story, 404-unit, white-brick apartment complex built in 1963 and converted to a cooperative in 1980. When David moved in, he…

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Neighborhoods Alwyn Court
2005 Nov Alwyn Court

If you want to tour some of Manhattan’s most impressive apartment house architechture, a trip to the Upper West side is a no-brainer. There, you can view such buildings as The Osborne, the Beresford and the Van Corlear, all known for t…

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Organizations A Super Club
2005 Nov A Super Club

Nearly every residential building in the city has one—they’re an integral part of all your building systems, a direct line of communication between your residents, your manager, and your board. They’re on-call 24 hours a day, seven day…

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Finance Capital Budgeting and Planning
2005 Nov Capital Budgeting and Planning

Like most companies, co-ops and condos have two important, yet distinct budgets which allow boards and owners to manage the day-to-day and long-term financial requirements of their buildings. The operating budget includes recurring exp…

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