2005 Mar
Focus on... Market Review And Forecast

Buying & Selling Let the Good Times Roll
2005 Mar Let the Good Times Roll

Whatever goes up is supposed to come down, but when it comes to the New York City real estate market, the laws of gravity may not necessarily apply. Experts say the industry that enjoyed good times in 2004 will continue to be healthy throu…

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Real Estate Trends The Expanding Skyline
2005 Mar The Expanding Skyline

The breakneck pace and cutthroat economics of residential real estate in New York City are legendary. For every new building that goes up, it seems like there's a battle to be fought, either with city agencies, community groups, preservati…

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Buying & Selling Making the Sale
2005 Mar Making the Sale

The co-op and condo market in New York City has been booming for some time now, so when properties go on sale, it's not very difficult to find a buyer. It doesn't really matter if it's a sprawling penthouse in a hot neighborhood or a small …

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Buying & Selling Can We Talk?
2005 Mar Can We Talk?

They say there's no such thing as a bad question - and when it comes to buying or selling a condo or co-op, asking the right questions of your broker, both before you choose one and afterwards, can help make the process run a whole lot smo…

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Neighborhoods Building Boom in Brooklyn
2005 Mar Building Boom in Brooklyn

For a long time, Brooklyn, the fourth largest city in the U.S. with 2.5 million people, has labored in the shadow of Manhattan; often seen as the "other borough," far away from the hustle and bustle of Midtown. But Downtown Brooklyn …

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Neighborhoods Queens Gets the Royal Treatment
2005 Mar Queens Gets the Royal Treatment

While Manhattan and Brooklyn are usually the darlings of real estate brokers' end-of-the-year reviews and forecasts, there's a lot more to New York City than just those two boroughs. Things are percolating nicely across the East River in Q…

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Board Operations Spin Cycle
2005 Mar Spin Cycle

Most co-op and condo buildings have a common laundry room for residents to use instead of washers and dryer units in each apartment. Laundry rooms are more than just an amenity; to some, they are practically a necessity, and the operation …

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Buying & Selling Diversify and Conquer
2005 Mar Diversify and Conquer

In the last four or five years, the tri-state real estate industry has borne witness to seismic shifts in the balance of power among real estate brokerage firms. Companies that are giants in their own right have merged with others, creatin…

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Real Estate Trends Ten Sides to Every Story
2005 Mar Ten Sides to Every Story

The far west side of Manhattan has been a flurry of activity and speculation in the last couple of years thanks to the debate over the development of the Hudson Rail Yards and a new stadium for the New York Jets. In a scenario that h…

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Organizations NYSAR
2005 Mar NYSAR

This year marks the 100th anniversary of the New York State Association of Realtors (NYSAR). Since its inception, the organization's mission has been to serve its membership throughout the state of New York in conducting their business as …

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Neighborhoods A Loisada Love Story
2005 Mar A Loisada Love Story

The area of New York City that makes up the Lower East Side comprises only four square miles, but is one of the city's most densely historical spots. Bounded by 14th Street on the north, Catherine Street on the south, Broadway on the west …

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Buying & Selling Selling Smart in New York City
2005 Mar Selling Smart in New York City

Sellers have one overriding goal that is clear to everyone: to achieve the highest possible price for their property. However there is risk and it is this risk that must be minimized to maximize the probability of return. Market risk:…

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Board Operations Playing the Board Game
2005 Mar Playing the Board Game

Getting on a condo or a co-op board requires a significant investment "“ both in time and sweat equity. As president of a Greenwich Village co-op board, I can attest firsthand to the labors involved. Rarely does a day pass when I don't rec…

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