2004 Feb
Focus on... Communications&Technology

Communications Web-Crawling
2004 Feb Web-Crawling

Most of us make some use of the Internet on a daily basis, whether we use it as part of our regular job, or to just make our everyday life easier by reading newspapers online, downloading driving instructions, shopping for a perfect gift, …

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Communications Getting Wired
2004 Feb Getting Wired

In restaurants. On the street. In taxicabs and elevators. Technology is everywhere and its presence seems to be growing with each passing day. It's everywhere, and it assists us with just about everything. As we become more reliant on its …

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Communications Keeping Current
2004 Feb Keeping Current

We've all heard the litany: "Management wasn't told about this." "The board wasn't informed about that." The residents know nothing of this or that, and it's all blamed on a total breakdown in communication and may result in an onslaught…

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Communications Identity Theft
2004 Feb Identity Theft

This year it is estimated that more than 10 million of us will lose an average of $5,000 apiece, but not on the stock market's swinging pendulum or because of a racetrack gamble. You'll lose it simply because someone else pretended to be y…

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Communications Numbers to Know
2004 Feb Numbers to Know

The following phone numbers, Web sites, and mailing addresses can serve as your first line of defense against identity theft and fraud. To opt out of pre-approved credit card offers, call 1-888-5-OPTOUT. This is a secure line run joint…

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Board Operations The Latest Thing
2004 Feb The Latest Thing

Whether doing chores such a laundry or using gym equipment or swimming pool, we want to maximize the time we spend doing the things we like, and make the less-pleasant jobs as hassle-free as possible. Residential buildings are in business …

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Security From Gadgets to Go-Bots
2004 Feb From Gadgets to Go-Bots

These days the simple door-buzzer and intercom building security systems that were the industry standard not so long ago are going the way of the dinosaur. Like it or not, soon the stuff of science fiction films will become reality. Today,…

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Communications High-Tech Gadgetry Comes Home
2004 Feb High-Tech Gadgetry Comes Home

With new technology often comes new terminology - and lists of parts and functions that seem lifted directly off the pages of a sci-fi novella. When many of us were kids, terms like "retinal scanner" and "biometrics" were strictly Sta…

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Design Flushed With Pride
2004 Feb Flushed With Pride

The "loo." The "WC." The "john." Or - for the more civilized folks - the "powder room" or the "lavatory." Whatever you choose to name that room in your house that comprises a toilet, shower/bath, sink and a mirror, you use it - a lot.…

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Interior Comfortable in Any Temperature
2004 Feb Comfortable in Any Temperature

Efficiently heating and cooling residential buildings in New York City is a challenge. Decades ago, energy conservation and comfort simply were not the issues that they are today. What may be seen as a hardship today, (i.e., lack of air co…

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Interior Heating and Cooling
2004 Feb Heating and Cooling

A variety of HVAC technologies can be found in New York City's residential housing stock. Here's a look at some of the more common elements. Packaged Terminal Air Conditioner (PTAC) PTAC is the acronym for packaged terminal air conditio…

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