2003 Dec/Jan
Focus on... Financial Strategies

Finance Make-A-Wish
2003 Dec/Jan Make-A-Wish

The turning of a new year is always a time to reflect on the old one, make personal resolutions for the next 365 days, and maybe make some wishes. 2002 was a roller coaster year for New York real estate, charting spikes and lulls in activi…

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Finance Flippin' Out
2003 Dec/Jan Flippin' Out

As buildings age, they inevitably need repairs and capital improvements - a boiler needs replacing, the façade needs repair, or the outdated lobby can use a facelift - to name a few. For cooperative buildings with healthy reserve funds, t…

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Finance The 80/20 Dilemma
2003 Dec/Jan The 80/20 Dilemma

Picture this: the mom-and-pop dry cleaner that has inhabited your building's ground floor retail space for years is moving out and a broker tells you that an upscale clothier wants the space for triple the rent. Or perhaps one of the many …

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Finance Estate Planning
2003 Dec/Jan Estate Planning

The death of a loved one not only brings grief and sorrow, but an agonizing pile of paperwork to tend to and affairs to get in order. For residents of New York City, it also means figuring out the fate of the deceased's co-op or condo apar…

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Design Everything But the Kitchen Sink
2003 Dec/Jan Everything But the Kitchen Sink

Kitchens and bathrooms are the hardest, most expensive rooms in an apartment building or business - especially in Manhattan - to install, renovate or remodel. A variety of skills, trades and materials come into play; the job requires extra…

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Finance Feeling the Burn
2003 Dec/Jan Feeling the Burn

On the morning of December 2, Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg signed an 18.49 percent property tax increase into law, the largest such increase in city history, but much lower than the 25 percent he originally proposed. Regardless of wheth…

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Interior Hot, Hot, Hot
2003 Dec/Jan Hot, Hot, Hot

When the weather outside is frightful, a functioning boiler system pumping soothing warmth into each and every apartment in your building is definitely delightful. Keeping boiler systems in tip-top shape is paramount to ensuring that warmt…

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Real Estate Trends Let's Go Expo
2003 Dec/Jan Let's Go Expo

Once again, the time is drawing near to mark your calendars and program your Palm Pilots to remind you of The Cooperator's annual Co-op and Condo Expo, which is descending on Midtown's New York Hilton, 53rd Street and Avenue of the America…

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Design Paying for Interior Design Work
2003 Dec/Jan Paying for Interior Design Work

Interior design in public spaces - like the lobbies and corridors of co-op and condo buildings - involves more than just the art of coordinating paint, wallpaper and fabrics. Public spaces require that the health, safety and welfare of the…

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Real Estate Trends Supersize Me!
2003 Dec/Jan Supersize Me!

Here in the land of birdfeeder-sized apartments (otherwise known as New York City), people will do just about anything for more space. And while sordid tales of deception and skullduggery abound, there are some legitimate means of expan…

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Buying & Selling Twenty-O-Two to Twenty-O-Three
2003 Dec/Jan Twenty-O-Two to Twenty-O-Three

At the beginning of 2002, the outlook for the city's real estate market seemed healthy, if a little uncertain. September 11th was still fresh on everyone's minds, and the aftereffects on the co-op and condo market carried over from 2001. A…

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Finance Going Private
2003 Dec/Jan Going Private

In increasing numbers, residential developments constructed under New York's Mitchell-Lama housing program are considering the option to privatize - or "buy out" of the program - when they become eligible to do so. Understanding this tre…

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Law & Legislation City Sidewalks, Busy Sidewalks
2003 Dec/Jan City Sidewalks, Busy Sidewalks

City Corporation Counsel Michael Cardozo pleaded with members of the City Council last month to enact meaningful tort reform to help the city close what officials say will be a $6.4 billion budgetary gap by 2004. Cardozo made a two-an…

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