2002 May
Focus on... Interior Design

Buying & Selling Getting to Know You
2002 May Getting to Know You

The days of neighbors bringing casserole dishes to the door may be over, but welcoming new co-op and condo residents into the buildings they now call home is not an entirely lost art. In fact, it goes on every day in buildings throughout…

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Design Urban Edens
2002 May Urban Edens

A private garden in New York is like a rare jewel glittering in the concrete jungle. Co-ops often overlook their hidden outdoor spaces, but a well thought-out garden can transform a rooftop, terrace or courtyard into an oasis that enhanc…

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Design Come Into My Parlor
2002 May Come Into My Parlor

Nothing communicates the character of a building like a well-designed lobby area. In just the time it takes for a resident or visitor to glance around and take in the visual impact of your building's "front room," as it were, an opinion…

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Design Shades of Meaning
2002 May Shades of Meaning

Were you hungrier than you thought you were at that restaurant with the richly painted crimson walls? Did you feel particularly calm in that corporate reception area with sea foam-colored wallpaper? Perhaps you didn't immediately notice …

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Interior A Dry White Season
2002 May A Dry White Season

On April 5, David Letterman joked that the drought threatening the Northeast is so severe that New Yorkers can't even get a moist towelette at Kentucky Fried Chicken. While the water shortage hasn't yet impacted the city's population to…

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Interior The Creeping Horror
2002 May The Creeping Horror

In 1999, after her four-year-old son began coughing up blood and her husband started suffering respiratory complaints and memory loss, Melinda Ballard and her husband Ron Allison were told by their family physician to evacuate their Austin…

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Management A Born Leader
2002 May A Born Leader

They have to worry about everything from keeping track of financial reports to whether the masonry will survive another winter. They collect maintenance, track repairs, and soothe ruffled shareholder feathers. If they don't know how to …

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Finance Cardio, Cappuccinos, and Convenience
2002 May Cardio, Cappuccinos, and Convenience

Imagine this: It's a rainy gray Monday morning. You're snug in bed, dreaming away, when the alarm rings. Six thirty. You have just enough time to hit the gym before work, but the very idea of suiting up and traipsing out into the cold w…

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Real Estate Trends The NORCs Are Coming!
2002 May The NORCs Are Coming!

The population of the United States is graying. Between 1990 and 2000, the number of Americans aged 60 and older grew by almost 4 million. Improved health care and resources are enabling people to lead longer, healthier lives, forcing m…

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Neighborhoods Ferry Tales
2002 May Ferry Tales

If you've ever had the dubious pleasure of trying to get onto or off of Manhattan Island from New Jersey, Queens, or Brooklyn during rush hour, you know the daily drill: traffic stopped for miles, honking horns, delays, and pot holes. …

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Communications Going Interactive
2002 May Going Interactive

To paraphrase Neil Armstrong; one four-letter, top-level domain for the Internet, and one giant leap for cooperative organizations was inaugurated January 30, 2002, when co-op leaders from around the world gathered in Lower Manhattan to …

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