1995 Jul/Aug
Focus on... Budget, Finance & Insurance

Management How Safe is Your Water?
1995 Jul/Aug How Safe is Your Water?

It comes roaring down from the Catskill Mountains, from the pristine hills of Delaware County and from the open spaces of Westchester. As it barrels its way through enormous tunnels over 100 miles long, into a maze of pipelines a century …

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Buying & Selling Buying an Apartment the '90s Way
1995 Jul/Aug Buying an Apartment the '90s Way

The electronic age has reached the New York real estate market, bringing new ways of buying and selling apartments. Instead of spending weekends and evenings visiting real estate brokers and traipsing through neighborhoods looking for the…

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Finance Financial Checks and Balances
1995 Jul/Aug Financial Checks and Balances

Is a co-op or condo owner, protecting your building's financial stability is of paramount importance in maintaining the value of your investment and your quality of life. As stories of mismanagement and fraud continue to come to light, bo…

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Insurance A Vigorous Fraud Prevention Program
1995 Jul/Aug A Vigorous Fraud Prevention Program

Jonny J. Frank is managing director of Decision Strategies International, an investigative consulting firm that specializes in consulting with corporations on internal fraud prevention and investigation. His firm recently added the metropol…

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Insurance Risk Purchasing Groups
1995 Jul/Aug Risk Purchasing Groups

In August 1986, a Time magazine cover proclaimed America, Your Insurance Has Been Canceled!! The insurance industry was in the midst of what was called a hard market. Policies were being canceled or non-renewed and premiums were escal…

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Design Going Up in Style
1995 Jul/Aug Going Up in Style

Appearances are important. How your building looksfrom the inside outhas a direct impact on both the value of each apartment and the morale of every resident. From the facade to the awning to the flowers on the lobby table, a good first…

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Shareholder Relations From Horror to Harmony
1995 Jul/Aug From Horror to Harmony

Neil Goldstein flashes a look of genuine surprise when a resident kisses him hello on the cheek in the lobby of The Harmony, an Upper East Side co-op where he is board president. Other residents trot by with friendly waves and call out, How…

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Shareholder Relations Property Tax Reform
1995 Jul/Aug Property Tax Reform

The City Council has made protection of homeownersincluding co-op and condo ownersone of its highest priorities. We do this because we understand that home ownership fosters a sense of pride in home, community and city. Property owners …

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Shareholder Relations Can This Co-op Be Saved?
1995 Jul/Aug Can This Co-op Be Saved?

The collapse of the New York real estate market in the late 1980s left dozens, if not hundreds, of co-ops unable to pay or refinance their mortgages. Many sponsors managed to have their plans declared effective with only 15 percent of the u…

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