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Shareholder Relations Shiny & New
2012 February Shiny & New

For most people, few things are as stressful—or exciting—as buying a new home. That can be especially true for buyers and residential unit owners who sign up to be among the first residents in a newly renovated or constructed condo or c…

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Shareholder Relations Renters on the Rise
2012 February Renters on the Rise

Last December, The William Beaver House, located at the heart of New York’s Financial District, sat with 209 of its 320 units unsold—units priced from $900,000 to well over $2 million each. Unfortunately, while sales had gone well for th…

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Shareholder Relations Involved & Invested
2012 February Involved & Invested

In an urban environment, people can feel isolated, though they live close to each other. While high-rise residential buildings put families near one another, living close doesn’t turn a group of neighbors into a community and that’s und…

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Shareholder Relations Following the Golden Rules
2012 February Following the Golden Rules

Every co-op and condo association has its own house rules—rules and regulations (hopefully) based on common sense and aimed at protecting residents' safety and quality of life without undue disruption or inconvenience. Most un…

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Shareholder Relations The 25th Annual Co-op & Condo Expo
2012 February The 25th Annual Co-op & Condo Expo

 Are you looking for a new management company or financial advisor? Does your  lobby need an extra splash of color? Is your co-op looking for replacement  windows or facade repairs due to Local Law 11 work?    Help is available at T…

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Shareholder Relations Q&A: Paying for Home Improvement
2011 February Q&A: Paying for Home Improvement

Q “I live in a co-op in Queens. The front door to my apt. is being replaced—due to its extreme age it is no longer functioning properly. The manager informed me that I will be responsible for providing all of the hardware for this door—…

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Shareholder Relations Hot or Cold?
2011 February Hot or Cold?

 No, it’s not the Katy Perry song, “first you’re hot and then you’re cold,” but treating a bedbug infestation can be just as opposing and confusing as the  romantic relationship in that popular song. Do I go with the pest control  company …

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Shareholder Relations Astoria, Queens
2011 February Astoria, Queens

 Astoria is a neighborhood in the northwestern corner of Queens that is as  diverse as the immigrants that settled there from places as far away as Greece,  Italy, Ireland, Latin America, Asia, and the Middle East.    A Famous Ances…

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Shareholder Relations Before You Sue — Read This
2011 February Before You Sue — Read This

Filing a lawsuit as any co-op or condo resident that’s been involved in one can attest, is not only very time-consuming and expensive, but equally unnnerving and contentious. A much saner solution to settle any acrimonious dispute is to…

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