Category: Shareholder Relations

Shareholder Relations Property Tax Reform
1995 Jul/Aug Property Tax Reform

The City Council has made protection of homeownersincluding co-op and condo ownersone of its highest priorities. We do this because we understand that home ownership fosters a sense of pride in home, community and city. Property owners …

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Shareholder Relations From Horror to Harmony
1995 Jul/Aug From Horror to Harmony

Neil Goldstein flashes a look of genuine surprise when a resident kisses him hello on the cheek in the lobby of The Harmony, an Upper East Side co-op where he is board president. Other residents trot by with friendly waves and call out, How…

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Shareholder Relations Pet Policy Politics
1995 Mar Pet Policy Politics

Let's face it, the City is going to the dogsM-or is it cats? New Yorkers love their pets. No matter whether feline or canine, the depth of emotion owners have for their furry companions is staggering. This staunch devotion could go double f…

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