Pet Policy Politics Owners Pamper Despite the Rules

Let's face it, the City is going to the dogsM-or is it cats? New Yorkers love their pets. No matter whether feline or canine, the depth of emotion owners have for their furry companions is staggering. This staunch devotion could go double for tenants of co-ops and condos who may face No Pets policies from their building's boards or have trouble attending to the animal's needs while juggling their busy work schedules.

Fortunately, there are services offered which help those owners unable to tend to their animals during the day. From feeding to cleaning, they do it all for dogs and cats. It might even surprise you that a pet's home is better protected under the law than some humans'. All of which makes it clear that cats have a good reason to hold themselves so proud and why dogs are wagging their tails so furiously.

Fables from the Furry Front

Love for one's pet doesn't have to ever end. Just ask Pet Patrol's president, Cathy Jablow. Jablow's company offers dog walking services and says 50 percent of her business comes from the co-op and condo community. A dog-walker's job is exactly what it sounds like: They walk dogs for people who are at work or for whatever reason disallows them from doing it themselves. If it rains, they'll also dry off the animal, and they always make sure the dog has water before leaving.

Jablow is used to pampering pooches and taking explicit instructions from clients on where and from which plate Fifi likes to dine, but nothing prepared her for one client's odd request: I had this one woman who was extremely wealthy. She lived in an apartment in the city. I walked her three dogs while she was there. The thing is, one of the dogs is dead. I had to pretend to walk and talk in M-gooey-gooey' language to, essentially, a ghost-dog.


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  • As a pet owner, I have no problem with household pets that are loved and insured with responsible owners. I have a problem with owners boarding outside cats and dogs (babysitting service) without a business license or insurance. Yes, the Board knows about the problem, but the owner in question collects their voting proxies for them, so they do not address the issue.