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Shareholder Relations Managing Smaller Buildings
Managing Smaller Buildings

While it may seem like a smaller building or community might be a cakewalk to manage compared to say, a 1,000 unit building or HOA with amenities, landscaping, and other aspects demanding attention, the fact is that dealing with tiny commun…

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Shareholder Relations Keeping Track of Paperwork
2014 February Keeping Track of Paperwork

Serving on the board is not all fun and games, glamor and glory. There’s also some paperwork involved. In fact, the flow of paperwork is the lifeblood of the community. The Articles of Incorporation, proprietary lease and bylaws in a…

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Shareholder Relations Board Owner Do’s and Don’ts
2014 February Board Owner Do’s and Don’ts

It only takes a few minutes of a web search to uncover the traits that make a successful person or business owner. For example, Entrepreneur magazine’s Steven Key wrote the article, “5 Qualities of Successful Persons,” which included such …

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Shareholder Relations Making the Switch
2014 February Making the Switch

The goal of any property developer is to sell units, but until that objective is reached they have to assume all the day-to-day responsibilities to ensure smooth operations and continued sales. This requires wearing many hats—manager, boar…

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Shareholder Relations Howdy, Neighbor
2014 February Howdy, Neighbor

The word community, like many words in the English language, has more than one interpretation. A community can be identified as a geographical location—a physical infrastructure of streets, parks and buildings, defined by tangible brick an…

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Shareholder Relations Building Traits of Successful Boards
2013 February Building Traits of Successful Boards

 Working in groups can be a challenge. Working in groups when people’s homes—and possibly their life savings—are involved can be a far greater challenge. It’s one faced every day by those brave souls who volunteer to serve on their co-op  …

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Shareholder Relations Taming Transient Turmoil
2013 February Taming Transient Turmoil

 While the New York City housing market has not suffered as much as in other  parts of the country, there are some new construction condominiums that hadn’t sold as much as the developer had hoped. That’s why a recent trend in condos in th…

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Shareholder Relations Neighbor to Neighbor
2013 February Neighbor to Neighbor

Can’t we all just get along? It's a million-dollar question. When someone moves into a community, they often look for the friendliness and camaraderie that living in a co-op or condo association brings. But with many personalities often…

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