Category: On The Board

Law & Legislation Voting by Proxy
1997 Jul/Aug Voting by Proxy

When it comes to decision-making in your building, attending meetings in person is always best. But should the need arise, shareholders and unit owners are permitted to vote in board elections and other matters of corporate governance by pr…

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Law & Legislation Passing on Co-ops
1997 Jun Passing on Co-ops

Maintaining authority over sales by estates has become a difficult challenge for co-op boards of directors. It is essential for co-ops to be reasonably assured that future maintenance payments will be made and that they will be able to c…

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Board Operations The Shareholder Versus the Board
1996 Jul/Aug The Shareholder Versus the Board

When it comes to key security, most co-op shareholders and other tenants have no choice but to trust in their building manager. That's because New York state law requires tenants to provide landlords with duplicate keys, if requested. Wheth…

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Board Operations Capital Improvement Projects
1996 Jul/Aug Capital Improvement Projects

Lucky are the board members of co-ops and condos who are able to play a purely supervisory role, simplyoverseeing the work of the managing agent who has the serious job of taking care of the building. In the vast majority of cases, however,…

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Board Operations Sharing The Workload
1996 Jun Sharing The Workload

Board members don't always see eye to eye. In a tragic case in Boynton Beach, Florida, an argument over the number of votes needed for a quorum led to the accidental death of a 70-year-old board member. During a discussion about the upcomin…

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Law & Legislation The Subtle Art of Mediation
1996 May The Subtle Art of Mediation

Several years ago, before relocating to Westchester County, I served as board president at my 112-unit co-op building in Manhattan. Like most co-ops, we had a history of occasional disputes between tenants and among board members. But, by u…

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Board Operations The Elderly Population is Booming
1996 Mar The Elderly Population is Booming

Will you trade in your co-op or condo for a Florida address when you reach retirement age? Don't be so sure. More and more New Yorkers are choosing to age in place in the same apartment they fell in love with when they were in their prime. …

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Management Relations Preserving Institutional Memory
1996 Feb Preserving Institutional Memory

One of the most common problems in co-op and condo management is the failure of building boards and staff to maintain accurate and accessible records of the past performance and activities within the building. Recording the minutes of board…

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