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Board Operations Difficult Board Members
2001 Apr Difficult Board Members

We all live and work in co-ops or condos; most of us have lived through some form of havoc wreaked by a board member. This person may be earnest and well intentioned, but projects an argumentative and contentious demeanor that is disrupt…

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Board Operations An Insider's View
2001 Feb An Insider's View

Remember the adage that 80 percent of the work is done by 20 percent of the people? The same appears to be true of boards throughout the city. In many cases, board members–and even certain shareholders–feel that being on a board is puni…

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Law & Legislation Your Rights and Obligations
2001 Feb Your Rights and Obligations

Your roof terrace leaked and the neighbor below you sued for damages. Do you have any recourse? The heating system in your apartment failed to work and the managing agent sent you the bill for its repair. Do you have to pay? You bought a do…

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Management Relations Do-It-Yourself Management
2001 Feb Do-It-Yourself Management

To self manage or not to self manage? It’s akin, in some respects, to the half-century old question of manual versus automatic transmission. Sure, the automatic is easier to drive, but the manual provides more control. And sometimes a co-op…

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Management Relations What's the Agenda?
2001 Feb What's the Agenda?

Board meetings provide the time and space for co-op and condo leaders to establish and direct building operations. "Every board has its own distinct group personality," observes Howard Schechter, a partner in the Manhattan law firm of Schec…

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Management Relations The Board/Manager Team
2001 Feb The Board/Manager Team

Much has been written recently about the management industry indictments, the role of the managing agent and how to monitor management. Little has been said, however, about what it takes to make a board/manager relationship work. The managi…

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Board Operations Love Thy Neighbor... As Best You Can
2001 Dec/Jan Love Thy Neighbor... As Best You Can

It’s 3:30 in the morning and your upstairs neighbor can’t seem to get enough of the new Cher album. It’s not just the techno beat that’s getting to you, it’s the volume. It’s making your china collection rattle in its hutch and your teeth h…

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Board Operations In the Know
2000 Nov In the Know

Call a real estate consultant a "know-it-all" and he or she will probably just smile wisely. For a consultant, that term is far from insulting. It’s simply a statement of fact. These "Jacks-and-Janes-of all trades" serve a diverse clie…

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Board Operations Combat Homeowner Apathy
2000 Oct Combat Homeowner Apathy

It’s the beginning of another meeting in your building and even though signs were posted throughout the lobby and on bulletin boards, the crowd is sparse. To make matters worse, the few owners or shareholders who are in attendance have only…

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Board Operations Getting the Message Out
2000 Oct Getting the Message Out

Who would visit a medical office that did not have running water? Many would question whether the office was sanitary. This occurred to a doctor who used a Forest Hills co-op unit as his office. Management placed a notice under residents’ d…

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