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Community Living Managing Multifamily Buildings
Managing Multifamily Buildings

Whether you manage a tight-knit building with just a few units, or a sprawling development with hundreds, property management comes with unique challenges. In this clip, two industry veterans let us in on the biggest ones they face in servi…

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Management Relations Prioritizing Tasks
Prioritizing Tasks

Property managers wear many hats and have job descriptions covering everything from bidding out capital projects to mediating spats between neighbors -- so how do individual managers determine what needs to be done, and when? In this clip, …

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On The Board Manager Autonomy
Manager Autonomy

Boards -- whether co-op, condo, or HOA -- hire managers to handle the administrative, operational, and social sides of what can often be a tricky field. How much leeway a manager has to get the job done depends on several different variable…

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Building Operations Pest Control Innovations
Pest Control Innovations

Dealing with indoor pests -- be they rodents, bugs, or even birds -- in multifamily settings has been a challenge ever since humans started living in close proximity to one another. In this clip, a trio of pest control experts discuss how t…

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Building Operations Squeezing Your Own Juice
Squeezing Your Own Juice

Every board wants to keep expenses under control on behalf of their constituency - and cutting energy costs is one way to save big. In this clip, three energy conservation pros discuss cogeneration, and its potential benefits for buildings …

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On The Board Your Community's Bylaws
Your Community's Bylaws

While the average co-op shareholder or condo unit owner doesn't need to have an exhaustive knowledge of their building's governing documents, part of being an active, engaged member of a multifamily community is having at least some familia…

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On The Board Residents and Mental Health
Residents and Mental Health

When a resident is, or appears to be struggling with mental health issues, knowing what to do or how to help can be a tough call. In this clip, two industry pros talk about boards' obligations - and limitations - when it comes to navigating…

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