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Insurance The Claim Conundrum
The Claim Conundrum

Sometimes, the choice whether to file a claim with your insurer is clear-cut; sometimes it's not. In this clip, two industry pros give tips on when to file, and when to consider other options. 

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Building Operations Securing Your Building
Securing Your Building

Security in multifamily buildings isn't a one-sided job; both boards and residents must cooperate to make sure property and people are safe. In this clip, a security pro gives us a few tips on how administrators, staff, and those who call b…

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Building Operations Engaging a Fitness Center Company
Engaging a Fitness Center Company

In-house gyms and fitness centers are some of the most popular amenities a co-op, condo, or HOA can offer residents and prospective buyers -- but just plunking down a treadmill and some barbells in a common room doesn't exactly qualify. In …

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On The Board Keeping a Lid on Legal Costs
Keeping a Lid on Legal Costs

As much as a prudent, conscientious board may try to keep a lid on expenditures, sometimes shelling out is unavoidable. When it comes to legal costs though, 'shelling out' can often result in a bad case of sticker shock. In this clip, legal…

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Security The Top 3 Security-Related Mistakes
The Top 3 Security-Related Mistakes

Securing the safety of residents and their personal property is one of a condo, co-op, or HOA board's most important duties. In this clip, two security pros reveal the biggest blunders they see board-management teams make, and give some ins…

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On The Board Common Board Blunders
Common Board Blunders

Professionals who work with co-op, condo, and HOA boards see a lot - and over the course of their careers, accumulate wisdom that client communities both current and future can benefit from. In this clip, a quartet of management pros discus…

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Building Operations Elevator Projects
Elevator Projects

Major elevator projects - whether for repairs or full replacement - are some of the more disruptive capital improvements a multifamily building can undertake. In this clip, two elevator pros discuss some of the biggest challenges that come …

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Building Operations Pest Control Products and Methods
Pest Control Products and Methods

Wildlife is great, but nobody wants it in their home - especially not in the form of pests like insects or rodents. Figuring out which pest-control products and methods are best for a multifamily building or HOA is the job of professional e…

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